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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Busy week

It has been a very busy week, which has rushed by, loads of fun.
Monday, was Will's day, so after the sun came out and everywhere dried up, we were outside, I did loads of dead heading and trimming back, Will likes to help, he takes my cutting to the compost bag, next we picked our fruit, the raspberries did not get into the house, they are Wills favourite, we also picked blueberries and blackberries.
Tuesday, I met with the sign class in our local village, we enjoyed coffee and chatter, not a lesson but a social occasion, not everyone was there, I also passed on loads of books, with a promise of others to come my way.
Wednesday, it was my neighbour and friends birthday, her daughter was on holiday and she was not planning to celebrate, so I asked if we could go for lunch, I would not let the day pass so simply for her. When I called for her, she said another friend was taking out for a meal in the evening, so we changed our lunch for afternoon tea, we went to Port Solent, sat on the waters edge watching the world go by.
Thursday, We spent the morning in our garden, after a shower, we met our daughter at a garden centre close to her home, Will was in nursery, so we had lunch together, a plant may have come home with me. Later I went to our local community centre and enjoyed an evening with our smaller WI meeting, with a view to join, there was a quiz and food, it was a relaxing evening, I plan to go back.
Friday, we got up to a very wet garden and very over caste, so a day inside, hubby plans to finish decorating, which he started last September, but his health stopped him before the dining and sitting rooms were done, it won't be hard work, it just painting, but I do have loads of things in the dining room cabinets. I manage to move everything into the spare bedroom, hubby can move the cabinets when he starts to paint, probably next week.
Saturday, my friend Debbie came to visit, we also had Will for the day and a sleep over, it was still very windy, so it was a day mostly inside, bur Will did get outside to play for a while. He loved his new bed, and slept well.


  1. A very busy week, but lots of enjoyable things. It's always good to have lots of lovely things in the diary.

  2. It's been very wet and windy here too, but the only thing that's kept me busy is work. I've been trying to get some crocheting done, but I've worked every day this week and had very little leisure time. But I have today off and I had a lovely time at the Kingdom Meeting. John and Ranger came to meet me after the meeting and we had a blustery walk home. Now for a bit of lunch and some crochet time! Best, Jane x

  3. You've had quite a full-on week! But all nice things :) hope the decorating goes well!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful week to me.You just can't go wrong with gardening, a grandson, time with friends, and sitting by the water's edge!!

  5. Wow! This really sounds an excellent week.
    They go by so quickly and I'm sure with everything you packed in, it must have simply whizzed by.

    Hope you've had a good weekend.
    Here's to the start of another new week :)

    All the best Jan



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