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Monday, 5 August 2019


We joined Will for a walk along the beach at Lee on the Solent, we stopped for an ice cream and then went to the newly opened water splash park, Will loves water and had fun running through the water splashed and cannons, it's a brilliant addition to a local sea side. 
 I have been gifted this beautiful rose for our garden, it's huge and healthy, we are now looking for a place to plant it in the garden. 
 Another book finished, I did enjoy the story, I have read Lesley Pearce before, I'm not sure I would read another by her by choice. 
We had a busy weekend, Friday we spent the morning out with Will, mummy and Will came back to ours for lunch and stayed the afternoon.
Saturday was our village fete, it's the 2nd year it has been held, it was very small, but bigger than last year, they had a dog show. It was at our community centre, who hosted the party in the park last month, they are trying to bring back old events and create new ones, so we will always go to anything they hold, it's only 5 minutes walk from our home, so it was an enjoyable time. We sat and read in the afternoon, nice relaxing time.
Yesterday hubby's older brother and his wife came to visit, they drove up from Devon, we had a BBQ and spent most of the day sat in the garden, it was cloudy in the morning, but just after lunch the sun came out. We chatted most of the time, catching up with his family news, children, grandchildren and his recent arrival of a great grand daughter, later we watched TV, we enjoy Sunday evenings, I love Country File, hubby loved Antiques Roadshow, I also watched The Handmaids Tale, which I am often thinking, why would they let her do that, why is she here?, I will watch it to the end of this series.
Killing Eve has finished, with Eve on the ground shot, not sure if they will make another series, it was another strange at times but unmissable programme.
This morning we woke up to rain, not heavy just steady, good for the garden, it should be gone by the afternoon, I am waiting for Will to arrive, we will have to play inside today, unless it dries up quickly.
I have done no crafting, when I sit down, I'm not feeling the desire to do anything, reading is the easy option. I am sure it's still linked to the bug I had, I can keep the house and garden tidy, but that's it. I'm not worried, I'm healthy just very lethargic.


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend. Your rose is beautiful, I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it. I really enjoy The Handmaid's Tale but I couldn't get into Killing Eve, Mick watched it though and really enjoyed both series.

  2. Sounds like a lovely but busy weekend. I've tried to watch Killing Eve a few times but have never got passed the first few episodes, I've never watched Handmaids Tale. Mark like both Country file and Antiques Roadshow but i'm not fussed about either one. Hope your crafting mojo comes back soon, although I think we all need a break from crafting sometimes. Have a good week.
    PS. Yes I was shattered after Saturday's day out, i was in bed before 9pm lol

  3. What a lovely time! We had a new splash park built on the prom last summer and it's a massive hit with huge queues always waiting to get in. All our event happen at the weekend and I always work weekends. Best, Jane x

  4. Sounds like a lovely time! Your rose is a wonderful colour and I love the blousy blooms on the tag. It will look gorgeous climbing up a fence or wall! :)

  5. What a nice gift to receive the rose.
    I hope your community centre blossoms. Maybe someone will start a crafting of knitting group there?



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