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Monday, 2 September 2019

Family weekend

We had Sam and Josh for a couple of days this week, Sam was again very helpful in the garden, he made this cup to take home, we both sorted a few pots. Josh as normal avoided the camera. Will also came for one day, so having the 3 boys together was fun. 
On Saturday we had family for the day, the grandsons playing on the lawn, their 3 dads did walk them to the local park to let off steam and run around. They all played together, their ages ran from 10 down to 2, the older ones being gentle with the younger ones. 
 I love this photo, all fingers and toes. 
 Sunday some biker friends of hubby's came to visit, Will loved their bikes. They were noisy as they drove off, but we had Will watch from inside at our spare bedroom window. 
The reason for all the visits was to celebrate hubby's 70th birthday, 
As normal these days our families are spread all over the country and beyond, those who could get here came for Saturday, we enjoyed a great day, hubby was good and rested, but was ready for bed by 8.30. I did the lunch sandwiches, as I could not find anywhere who would make them for me in the morning local, but they were all ate, so I count it as a success, we had a fish and chip supper, pre-booked at our local good chippie, again it was loved by all.
Sunday we had booked a day for friends to drop in, but I cancelled it, just too much for both hubby and I, but one couple, an old army friend, had booked to stay in local hotel, so we asked them to still pop over and then his biker friends asked if they could pop in, so it became a perfect day.
Today is laundry, sheets and towels, 1st loads has been out for ages. Later we will go to our nice local Bistro for lunch and a short walk around the village, hubby is improving all the time, the hardest bit is stopping him doing so much, he does hate to sit for too long. it's his birthday today.


  1. What a super day and lovely photos of your grandsons! I'm glad your hubby is recovered enough to have been able to enjoy the day. Best, Jane x

  2. The kiddiwinks look like they had a whale of a time. What's in Sam's cup? Happy birthday to OH, it's good he's feeling better....it is difficult getting them to realise they need to take things easy though, isn't it?

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend! It's lovely to see your grandsons in the garden playing together. Lots of concentration going on! Loving hubby's cake :)

  4. What a lovely day and so glad your hubby could enjoy it. Your cake is wonderful and looks much more professional than the one I did for my SIL earlier this year.

    1. I did not make the cake, a friend of my daughters made it, she is just starting her own business.

  5. It looks and sounds a super day.
    Lovely picture of your Grandsons, and I do like the birthday cake :)

    All the best Jan



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