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Friday, 23 August 2019

Home alone.

I managed to match a silk (Floss) with the last colour, it's a lovely sea green/blue, and got the extra 3 colours I had run out of. I did get some stitching done, this feels good in my hands. 
 I have 3 and a partial dot to do on the 1st half, I have also done some on the 2nd half, this is just so pleasing to work on. I can't wait to make it up and be using it. 
 It's easier to see how much I have done from the back. 
Wednesday I decided it would be a good day to stay busy, so I stripped our bed, the bedding was on the line by 9am, followed by the mats we use in both bathrooms, it was a sunny morning and everything dried. I cleaned from top to bottom, everywhere is looking good, I  kept my phone with me, waiting to hear if hubby had operation or was removed from the list, I knew this would not be until early afternoon, we agreed I would not visit in the morning.
The operation has been done, they removed his gallbladder, but he was not well, the pain is far worse than anyone expected, they stabilised, managed the pain.
Thursday afternoon he was much better, all the issues had been sorted, the pain down to a manageable level, and talk of going home soon. Youngest daughter popped over, we went to our local bistro for lunch, later I had a perfect evening sewing.
I'm up early this morning, got a load of laundry in machine, it's going to be perfect drying weather. Just waiting to see if hubby will be allowed home today, they said he would be home in the next couple of days, I know he would be happier at home. I need to do a small supermarket shop, our fridge is empty, so fruit, veg, dairy and meats.
I plan an hour in the garden, nothing much to do, I have some succulents to plant up in the green house.


  1. I'm so happy to hear your hubby's operation went well and he'll soon be home. Your stitching is so pretty and it must be helpful to keep yourself so occupied. Best, Jane x

  2. Oh my goodness, reading through your post, I'm just so pleased that by Thursday afternoon your husband was much better, and all the issues had been sorted. I do hope he may be home soon.

    All the best Jan

  3. I hope your husband has managed to get home and that the pain is now manageable. Sending my best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

  4. I hope your husband has continued to improve, Marlene, and that he will be back at home with you again soon, feeling well and strong. MegXx

  5. I love the stitching you are working on, all those french knots must be very time consuming. Have you decided how you are going to finish the piece when the stitching is done?
    I hope by now your husband is feeling much better and is back home.

  6. I'm so pleased your hubby has now had his op and they're managing his pain well. I hope he has managed to go home now. Your stitching is beautiful, Marlene. It looks an awful lot of work but will be stunning when finished! :)



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