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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Garden update.

The grass is looking good in the front garden, we had a rose bush here, but it must be a climber, because it always grew tall and never any flowers, it has been move next to the house.
 My pots are looking better, I do want to put something evergreen in these pots, they do get sunshine, but are also in shade part of the day. I don't have any idea what the plants will be, I keep looking. 
 I planted the Fuchsia here in the hope that next year I will have loads of flowers, I am trying to come away from bedding plants in this bed, the plants I want are more expensive, but I have been purchasing them over the last couple of years, it almost to where I want it. 
 Our climbing rose, behind the water butt, it's sheltered here, and at ground level there is not much sunshine, but once it grows the flowers will be in sun for most of the day. 
 Cutting from my Begonia, should make loads of plants, one I will keep for an inside plant, I do love this one with tiny orange flowers. 
 I got this pot from a charity shop, I knew exactly what plant I would put in it, these string of pearls was in the greenhouse, a couple broke from my main plant, these will stay on my desk.
I am really pleased with the garden, the back garden is my play area, and now hubby is caring for the front, he has planted many different things, our styles are very different, I do love the grass he has added, before I would have said I am not a grass person, but over the last couple of years I have used grasses in the back section of the garden, I have 6 different ones, I am loving the structure they bring.
The high winds through the night have not done any permanent damage outside, our fence is still upright, all the overgrown plants on the other side keep ir from moving much, later I have leaves to pick up, but as its still windy and raining, I won't be outside much today. I hope you are not suffering from the extreme weather front.


  1. It's nice to have plenty of interest in a garden. The wind is getting up here and we're forecast heavy rain later, Mick's cricket match has already been cancelled.

  2. I love the look of your front garden. The little corner bed must get many admiring comments from passers-by. That little pot is super and I love that stand that supports it. Best, Jane x

  3. Looking good. I also love the corner bed on your front garden. I moved to a flat last year. Garden was too much at my house. But we have lovely landscaped gardens and I can watch the gardeners from my window. Suits me .

  4. You do have such a lovely colourful and neat garden, Marlene, it must give you a lot of pleasure.

  5. You've really used the limited space around your yard, well. Breaking up the hardspace, with plants, makes it much more inviving and larger than it seems. The benefits of having a green thumb and a vision.



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