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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

What are you doing?

I have just finished this book, and what a great read, I never saw the ending coming, it was clever and brilliant, up until the last few pages it could of gone a few different routes, but at no point had I picked up on the clues to the real ending. This is one book I am sorry I have finished. 
 I am doing some knitting, but not much, books are calling me. I do love the shades on this sock, this pair is for me, it makes me think of a cottage garden, so green with so many different colours in. 

 I recently used my sewing machine for a household task, the leather on hubby's head rest was marked so I made a cover, it looks neat and has not moved. I will make one for my chair and another for a spare as it will need to be washed at some time. The shape made it difficult and it was hard to make it stay in place. 
I am home alone today, hubby is driving a day trip, and daughter is away, so no chance of anyone popping in, we had facetime with Will, mummy and daddy this morning, it's fantastic we can make video calls, perfect start to the day.
I need to walk to the shops this morning, it's market day, there is not lot I require, so I should not be out long, then I will get my sewing machine out, I have a few tasks and a project for my neighbours daughter. Neither is hard, but I don't have a pattern for either, my mum taught me years ago how to make things without a pattern, how to drape material and shape with pins, I used her method when covering the head rest of the chair.
Once I start I do enjoy working everything out. I really would love to make clothes for myself, but my wardrobe is full and until I wear some of them out, I really do not require any more clothes.
I do fancy knitting something bigger, but can't decide what, I have yarn in my stash, so what ever I do will be using that and not involve purchasing any more.
I pop outside every day in the garden, but so little needs doing, my garden is behind, but it's looking good, I will have more fruit this weekend.
Sign class was fun, our group was again small, loads on holiday, we are still learning the hungover caterpillar, next week is our last class for the summer, after that we meet for coffee each week.


  1. I'm a bit slow on the reading at the moment I think it's because I am reading a non-fiction so although there is a bit of a story to follow about the life a teenager and his dad its not the same as a Jodi Picoult that has you gripped from the off. I'm in the middle of knitting socks for Winnick Mum's sock line for yarndale one pair down with a second to finish. The WIP's are still stacking up and I'm itching to start more projects. Twas ever thus me thinks.


  2. I've never read any of her books, I must have a go. That headrest is a brilliant idea.

  3. That book sounds good. I love it when a book really grabs you but it's always sad when you come to the end. I'm not doing very much reading or knitting at the moment, I just don't have the concentration for it right now.

  4. I'll have to look that book out, i haven't read anything in a while that has really grabbed my attention.
    Love the colour of the socks, mine are still languishing (sigh)

  5. Pleased you enjoyed that book, it does sound a very good read.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a good job you have made of the headrests, I am sure you would enjoy making and wearing clothes for yourself when you need a few more.
    My garden is so far behind this year when I compare to other bloggers in the south. Been too damp again today to go outside and do anything.

  7. Awww those socks look so beautiful! And the sign classes sound so awesome.



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