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Sunday, 9 June 2019


My fruit bushes around the garden are producing lovely fruit, I shall be picking a few raspberries soon, with strawberries soon after. I never get huge crops from my tiny plot, but I do love to have space to grow. I have already been showing Will all the different things in the garden, I don't think he will understand until we can eat the crops from each bush.
I am going to get my best season this summer on almost everything, the only one not doing so well is again the gooseberries, after the fruit set, the saw flies ate every bit of leaf on the 2 plants (both planted in the same big pot), I am still unsure if gooseberries are a earning their place in my small garden, but I don't have any suggestions on what to replace them with.
My blackberry plant is doing very well, growing up the garage wall, I have a long line running along the length of the garage, and I have been training the plant to grow on an arch infront of my shed, behind the garage.
Friday we had the wettest day in ages, it only stopped raining for a couple of hours, the rest of the day was steady rain, the water butts are now almost full, so no complaints from me.
Saturday it was very windy, more like October than June, we also had another couple of storms, my newly planted bedding plants are looking good, getting them in the ground before the rain has worked well.
This morning is sunny, and should be a nice day, I don't have anything to do outside, I am keeping on top of everything, I've picked up all the leaves blown around from yesterday. The blossom from the tree behind my shed has covered the space between the shed and greenhouse, it looks just like confetti and smells devine.


  1. There was so much blossom about a while ago so there should be some good fruit harvests this year. My little plum tree is covered in fruitlets. Saw flies can be a real pest, they strip the plant of leaves in no time at all so you have to be very quick to catch them before they do their damage.

  2. On telling my Grandson the other day the Bramleys would not be ready to make apple crumble with Grandma till September he said "that's a long time. I will be in Year 1 then and all grown up". Bless.

  3. We've grown goosberries both here and at a previous house. The only thing we needed to do was to open up (prune) the bush to rid the mildew. All the best with your fruit, Cathy x

  4. Lots of lovely fruits to look forward to. We've had half a dozen strawberries so far, delicious and a lovely treat for June with a scoop of ice-cream.



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