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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Bang the drum

This was something I did not know, I have been happily accepting paper bags, biodegradable, but now with my cotton produce bags I can reuse them time and again. I do follow 1million women, they show relevant statements.  
Both hubby and I watched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on his new program, this time on plastic, it was interesting, in this house he has a willing audience, I was very sadden to see the effects of the waste we send abroad on the local people, humiliating come to mind. If each country had to sort their own waste packing, mainly plastics, huge amounts, then maybe we would stop the plastic at the source, buy things loose using our own reusable bags. I know certain items, meat, dairy have to wrapped for safety.
It's our attitude to flimsy one use plastic, it's everywhere, over the years we have come to expect it, and why not, it keeps items together, protected, once packed it can be shipped and displayed, it's cheap, perfect medium.
The one thing, which we already knew, was why does unpacked produce cost more per pound than the packed, the Tesco lady said it was because the peppers in the case shown was bigger. But we have weighed packed items on the scales, as if the were the loose ones, and every time the price would have been higher.
Plastic is not a bad thing if we use it correctly, my kitchen has loads of containers, which I reuse and they last me years, most in the thicker soft plastic which could be recycled. Gardner's have plastic pots, again being in use for years, making them a useful tool to have.
It's nice to see Hugh banging his drum on plastic, he tackled waste food a while ago, anything to help make more people aware is a good thing. These programmes can only be the start, I do feel it's up to us, people power to get things moved along. We can't change the past, but we can start the change for our future.


  1. Definitely. If everyone does their bit it soon adds up to something huge.

  2. We are very careful about buying in plastic bags and always try to buy loose. I too am surprised at the cost of producing a paper bag! I have a few of the thick brown ones, but they are tough and I've been using them for well over a year for small lose items. But we always use our cotton and hemp bags for most things. Best, Jane x

  3. You would never have thought there was that much cost in making a paper bag! I didn't watch the program because I very rarely watch tv.

  4. Recycle and re-use gets my vote

  5. I forgot to watch this programme, thanks for the reminder, I'll catch up with it over the weekend. It's good to have these conversations with alternative ideas and solutions, Cathy x

  6. I much prefer fabric bags, as they hold a lot more, and you don't have to be afraid the handles will break. We should attempt to reduce waste in every way possible. Although I must admit to feeling a tad like a hypocrite, when using freezer bags to prolong the life of food. It's one area the plastic bag isn't easy to replace. :(



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