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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Catching up

My yarn selection came this morning, it came from layfamilyarn, I love the colours, these small skeins will allow me to use this yarn before making an expensive purchase. 
I got this tiny pot, looks just like a child for my air plant, I have seen these pots on line and love them, such fun. The air plant I have had for ages.
 My string of pearls is growing well, this was a tiny 99p plant, I got the hanging pot last year, this was put together about 5 months ago, I love the way the beads hang against the pot, this lives in my greenhouse. 
I had a great time with my sister over the weekend, on Saturday we popped to a local garden center, it's an arty one with loads of different things for your home and garden, I got the plant below for my nasties bed, popping in this pot I got last week.
 I have been looking for a lamp for my outside table, I wanted something heavy and strong, most decorative ones are light and plastic, I was pleased to find this lamp, made with metal and glass, it reminds me of a miners lamp, hubby loves it. 
I have not read a Barbara Erskine book for ages, this one was good, huge 576 pages, a really good read. 
Saturday evening we stayed in for a curry cooked by hubby, it was fun to relax together, our local gala was also on Saturday, but my sister did not want to attend, preferring to walk around a garden center. Sunday was a day at home, with a relaxing evening, just hubby and I.
Monday Will came to play, it was just him and I most of the day, it was sunny and warm, so we spent most of the day in the garden, most of the issues in the garden only show on hot days, so our recent weather allowed us to be outside.  I did another local book swap, I have loads of books to read, I do read more when next door is on her mission against us.
Tuesday, I went to sign class, it was only 5 of us a small group, but it was fun, I do enjoy this group of ladies. I stayed in the rest of the day reading, it was non stop rain, this year we are having a true English summer.
Wednesday, we had nothing planned, it was a dull morning, after a very wet night, Will and mummy popped in for lunch, he was a cute as ever, we got him another huge toy car from our local secondhand shop. Later again I read and did a bit of knitting on my socks.
Today is a housework day, as tomorrow we are off for a few days away, going to Wrexham, we have never been there, hubby has a church service to attend Saturday morning, along with loads of ex Welsh guards, but we will have Friday afternoon and evening and Sunday morning to sightsee.


  1. I didn't get this month's Lay Family Yarn box but I was very tempted, such lovely colours. What are you going to use the minis for? Your new lamp is lovely, I know what you mean about most decorative ones being very light in weight, not really what you want for outdoors.

  2. Glad you little box of minis arrived safely, do you have a plan for them? I've been collecting minis since the beginning of the year with the intention of making a mitered square blanket.

  3. Loving your new lamp, very nice. Nice box of minis, I never think to try that before buying a big ball.
    Have a lovely time away. I really enjoyed the Ghost Tree too, BE does write a good book.

  4. Sounds like you had a good week, doing all the things you like to do. Have a nice few days, Cathy x

  5. I like your new lamp.
    Have a nice time away.

    All the best Jan

  6. I haven't ready anything by Barbara Erskine. I'll put her on my list to look out for at sales this summer.



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