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Friday, 28 June 2019

Sunny garden

Hubby was bored, so we popped out to check out the old Wyedale which is now a Dobbies garden center, it's on the other side of Portsmouth, so a small trip. I don't think we will be going back, I don't like the changes they have made, the worse one is the prices, the plants were very expensive and not looked after well. I did get the fuchsia below at half price, all it needs is a good water and planting, it's in soak and I know where it will be planted today. 
 I have loads of different coloured snap dragons, these are in front of the water butt, with my big daises behind.
 Just a bit further down the garden are these, none of which I have planted, in between a fuchsia plant, again I have not planted at this end of the garden, I am waiting to see what colour the flowers are.  
These are beautiful, I did plant them but forgot what they were, it's next to a lily I quartered and replanted.  I don't have many blue plants, so I will look for more bulbs later this year.
Another lily, looking huge in this pot, next year it will be in the ground, I have 4 plants all doing well this year. 
 I purchased a pack of 5 for £2, only 4 has grown, again next year these will go into the garden, but at the back, hubby does not like their smell.
 This looks a muddle, but I love it, this corner was always barren, so I put the square chimney pot here and planted a begonia corn, above is a lobelia in a pot, below is english lavender. 
 I love this box outside our back door, shame neither of the coleus in the back corners are doing well, they are growing but oh so slowly.
Another good book, 2nd I have read by this author.
My garden is slowly filling with colour, I have two dates I would like it looking good, the last weekend in July, we have friends staying from Spain, they love the colours in my garden. Again the last weekend in August, after the bank holiday, we will have family and friends for the two days, and if it's sunny we will be outside for BBQ's.
Yesterday I dug up 2 lupins, they are just hanging in, both have been nibbled to within an inch of their lives, I will dig up 3 coleus today and try and save them. This damp wet periods followed by heat waves is good for the growing plants but also good for the bugs, we have not seen many hedgehogs this year, we have found signs they have visited, but not as much as last year.
I gave the garden a good soak last night, I use tap water only once a week, my water butts are used other times, the fruit are all needing water most days.
My sewing machine has been out for 2 days, but I have not done much, I'm not in a rush to get started, which is a shame, I do love to sew.
Today we have a meeting in town this afternoon, and later we are going out for a meal with friends. Will mummy and daddy will also be home later, we can't wait to see them and hear about their holiday, Devon in the sunshine, lucky things.


  1. You've got lots of colour in your garden. It's a shame when you lose a good garden centre. We had a wonderful nursery nearby but it just closed down, nothing in its place, such a shame.

    1. I always like to pop to a local garden center, where they grow and care for the plants, Wyedale was huge, but it always sold compost at a good price, we were just being noisy. We are lucky we have a choice of two brilliant places to buy plants.

  2. We have two Wyevale now turned Dobbie almost on our doorstep they were both an independant nursery long ago who grew their own. The plants here are always good and well looked after and although pricey are larger and stronger than say Morrisons which have been a poor quality all this year. Wyevale often sent a £5 voucher to spend on anything so when I add that to the price of a £7.99 plant it means a nice plant for £2.99.
    I gave up on lupins as mine kept getting eaten to the ground both here in Yorkshire and in Scotland.
    I am hoping the warm sunny weather will help my flowers to open now the buds on some were rotting with all the damp and rain for days on end.

  3. Our Wyevale was taken over too, by some firm called Diamond something or other whom I've never heard of. Like yours, it's not so good, expensive and their focus seems to be mainly on overpriced gifts now rather than plants. Your plants all look lovely, I've got a big clump of magenta snapdragons that I never put in...not that I mind, the colour fits in perfectly with my colour scheme! I'm with your hubby, I don't like the smell of lilies either.

  4. We moved our rhododendron as we thought it's not doing well where it is and that might be because it was next to a lilac bush. We've not had any rain for over a week now and the water butt's empty again, so I'm afraid it's tap water for the veggies. The flowers get a quick sprinkle, but I think they'll be OK. Our nearest Dobbie's is about half an hour away and it's soooo expensive, so we went once and haven't been back. It's also full of furniture, lighting, clothes and bits and bobs and hardly any plants! Best, Jane :)

    1. We felt the same, the trend is now for instant gardens, following trends, thank goodness for local run garden centers.

  5. A local garden centre here has become a Dobbies, and yes, the prices have been hiked up somewhat.
    Lots of lovely blooms in your garden.

  6. You've got a lovely lot of colour in your garden, it looks great.

    All the best Jan



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