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Thursday, 13 June 2019


Both pairs of socks completed, both for my sister and both Christmas presents, the pink socks I used yarn left over from another pair of socks I made. I still have another three pairs to make, all for men with size 11 feet, but not this month. I have cast on another pair for me, and I have the yarn for my daughters Christmas socks. 

 I have finished the baby blanket for my hairdresser, I will get some pretty pink ribbon to tie it and some pretty pink socks, I have one more appointment before she leaves in 6 weeks. It is so soft, the Alpaca yarn is so soft, just like silk, I love using it. 

My 21st read this year, what can I say about this book, surprisingly I enjoyed it. 
22nd read of the year, this book was good, set with 5 main people, who have history. This is not the 1st book in the series, whilst I enjoyed the story line, I felt too much time was spent and their back story, it would be annoying if I had read the other books. I felt the back story made the book a much bigger read and most was unnecessary. 
I will post photo's of my new start next time, I enjoy the simplicity of knitting socks, they are quick to finish. I am looking for more crochet to make, I think it's about time I tried a design, followed a pattern, how hard can it be. I have not forgot my loom, I am still reading learning, I really don't want to make a long thin piece of material I can't use, my loom does have limitations, but it's the best I can have for the space I have, hubby won't give up the spare room for a floor loom, but I can dream.


  1. The socks are lovely, I'm sure your sister will be thrilled, as will your hairdresser with the beautiful blanket. Such pretty colours.

  2. I have socks on my needles at the moment and another blanket on the hook but not decided who is going to get this one. Possibly even the daughters boyfriend for Christmas although I also have a friend with a birthday in July who I think would also like it for her campervan. I've been very slow at reading this year as I tend to read when I go to bed and I've just been too tired of late. The baby blanket is beautiful and such lovely warm colours I'm sure your hairdresser will love it and appreciate every stitch.


  3. Your projects look lovely. Great idea keeping track of the number of books read, what's your record for reading in one year? This season of life mine is like 5, maybe. :)

    1. In 2017 I read 76 books, I was hiding in books that year.

  4. I loved knitting with the angora, your blanket turned out beautifully. The new little one will be so cosy on that. Great gift for your sister, you'll have your Christmas gifts done by the end of summer and be all organised well in advance.

  5. Your socks look great, I had a quick look at my socks this weekend but daren't crack on with them until I've finished a few more projects on my list. The blanket does look soft and very pretty, I hope it is well used and loved, Cathy x

  6. Love those cheerful socks for sure! The baby blanket came out very pretty.

  7. Your stitches are so even and neat - just perfect. Beautiful socks! And that baby blanket is so pretty.

  8. Those socks look professionally done! And so individual too. A welcome present. I'm sure the recipients will be delighted.

  9. I do like all of your socks, such great colours.

    All the best Jan



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