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Monday, 18 February 2019

Day out at Beaulieu

Campbell's Bluebird - wonderful looking car
Chitty chitty bang bang
Daughter in grandads hut
Childcatchers waggon
My 1st car was a mini
Hubby's dream car - E Type Jag
Trotters trading to
Flying car from Harry Potter.
Iconic London bus
Will loved the bus
and this bike
We have never been to Beaulieu before and spent a wonderful time, looking at all the different vehicles, Will loved it all, the mono rail, which took you through the museum and site, to the very old bus which drove through the grounds. Everyone working was friendly, helpful and had loads of time for Will, children were not allowed on the vehicles, there were signs everywhere asking not to touch anything, which made it easier for Will to understand not to touch. All the vehicles are inside, so the light rain did not bother us, we had a lovely lunch on site. They had a huge display featuring Chitty chitty bang bang, which I loved. We did not visit anywhere else on the site, but we have a year pass, so we will go back again, just the two of us and spend a whole day there. 
We spend some time at Will's house he has had so many toys for his birthday, Grandma and Grandpa came over, Grandpa was not able to come today, he is getting over an operation. We did not stay for tea, it's nice to be home for the evening. 
We had a wonderful time in Somerset, Friday night we spend with my sister, Saturday we had the day with my brother, and had a meal out in the local pub. Sunday we spent in Taunton catching up with our beautiful boys, the drive home was clear and not too long.
We are both very tired and will have another early night, pizza for tea, simple without to much fuss.


  1. What a wonderful day out, that is the sort of day we really enjoy.

  2. A great day out, and fun to be able to come again.

  3. Looks like yo had a great day out. I remember going to school on a bus just like that one, lol

  4. That looks like a fun time. It also sounds like a very nice week-end!

  5. What a great place to visit, so much to see. I'm sure you'll have lots more to discover too when you go back. Glad the weekend went well, it's nice to spend time with family.

  6. What a treasure of a place and so interesting especially to spot things you have seen in films and on TV. Sounds like you had a very pleasant weekend with the wider family.

  7. What a wonderful day out, and so good to spend time with family.

    All the best Jan



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