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Friday, 8 February 2019

Still inside

 1st sock is almost finished
 The toe will be in the red yarn
I have finished My Husband next door, which I enjoyed, it was a huge book, the author kept me interested all through, she has written loads more books I will try and read a couple more.
I am just about to start The Child, recommended by Jo I jotted this book on my list to read, hubby saw it and got me a copy.
It's been a quiet couple of days, I popped to town with hubby yesterday, he had his weekly meeting with nursing staff for after heart surgery, it lasted for an hour, so I wandered through shops, and purchased nothing. I did see a perfect pair of leather suede ankle boots reduced in Clarks, I love their footwear, it always fits and comfortable, but I passed I have 3 pairs of ankle boots at home. We had lunch out, which was enjoyable and later I did poached eggs on toast for tea, which we both love, so a pleasant day with no chores.
The first week of no chocolate has gone well, no cravings, hubby got me some fudge yesterday which was nice, but I am not normally a sweet eater, I always chose chocolate.
This morning mummy and Will are coming, we are going to walk to hubby's barber again for Will to have his 2nd hair cut, daughter does not want to take Will anywhere else, and then back here to play with the fire engine.
This afternoon is cleaning ready for my sister and her partner arriving tomorrow for the weekend, they will be here by 9am, they are planning a 6am start.


  1. I hope you enjoy the book, I feel a kind of responsibility when I've recommended something but, of course, we all enjoy different things. The socks are looking great, I like how you've customised them, they're such a fun thing to knit. I always look in Clarks for my footwear, though the boots I'm wearing at the moment are from M&S. Clarks are more expensive than some places but I have so much trouble buying comfortable shoes and boots that it's definitely worth it to me. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. i love adding contrast cuffs. heels and toes to socks, I sometimes mix the colours around and use 3 contrast shades. I can not remember the last time that I read a novel. There is a good offer on Amazon for a raft of books at 99p, I prefer a real book but the shelves are pretty full of books that I want to read again. That may be the focus of my next sort out session.

  3. Two good points Pam, 1; you can never have enough books in your home. 2; to hold a book in your hands when reading is the best feeling ever. I need to read and always have, so I find time where I can.

  4. I have no unread books left (I much prefer real books to the e-reader) and it's making me irritable! Think a charity shop trawl is on the cards for next week. Well done on avoiding chocolate this week.

  5. I will never forget my grand son's first hair cut. It was quite traumatic for him. Thanks for bringing up an event that gave me fun memories!

  6. Those socks look lovely and warm. I don't think I could give up chocolate, I don't eat bars but I love a chocolate biscuit.

  7. Sounds like a busy day,hope all was well for your husband.Mine has had 3 heart attacks.Love reading and have just finished "Still Me",read "Me before You" then "Me after You",enjoyed the books but not film ( Me before You )books by JoJo Moyes.I have to read or I am not a nice person lol.Love the socks.have written down My Husband Next Door,sounds like a fun book.

  8. The socks look super.
    Have a lovely weekend with your family

  9. Hello my friend! I am glad the hubby is doing well after the surgery. The socks look awesome!

  10. the socks look excellent.
    have a great day



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