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Friday, 1 February 2019

Setting up the loom

threading through the heddle bar
Extra length wound around block,
 I am hoping this will be a scarf, so loads of length
 Threading the 2nd yarn back through the heddle bar,
allowing the yarn to be highered and lowered for weaving
 Neatening the ends. 
 All wrapped around the loom,
the back section on the right has loads of yarn wrapped around the bar.
 To stop the yarn getting tangled, it was suggested I used paper to seperate the layers, but I wanted something softer, so I purchased a thin plastic Christmas table cloth and trimmed it into lengths. Perfect to keep the yarn tidy.
 All finished, the front is on the right, this is where I will start weaving
It took all evening to prepare, I did make a rookie 1st time mistake, which took time to rectify, and almost 100 grms of 4ply, I'm using a Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock yarn and the 12 dent heddle, which should give me a super soft and thin woven scarf.
I hope to be able to start weaving today, I'm not looking to get it finished quickly, I want to enjoy the process, I am using the same yarn to weave with, the random colours in the yarn should bring design.
We had snow last night, less than an inch, which we are pleased to miss most of the white stuff.


  1. Wow! Looks like you are having fun on these cold wintery days

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow, that looks complicated, completely impressed! Enjoy the process and I hope it all goes well.

  3. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun and a very satisfying project I'm excited to see how it turns out. The colour of the sock yarn looks like it will give a lovely pattern to your scarf. Best, Jane x

  4. It looks quite complicated to me but I suppose it's like anything, easier the more you do it. I'm sure it'll become like second nature to you eventually. A nice hobby to do on these cold days. We woke up to a frost and ice again but we keep getting a snow flurry, nothing to write home about though.

  5. Exciting times for you, I will be watching closely. Hoping to pick up some tips and tricks along the way.

  6. Oh my giddy aunt,it looks so complicated.Can't wait to see more clever you.I could never do that too much like hard work lol.xx

  7. Goodness, it does look a little complicated, I'm sure you will enjoy using it.

    Have a good weekend, and stay warm, it really has turned cold and I'm not keen on the snow!

    All the best Jan

  8. Had a chance to get a free floor loom from a friend's sister . . . this post makes me want to reconsider :)

    1. I would give everything for the space to have a floorstanding loom, it's great fun and addictive, and I should imagine expensive.



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