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Monday, 25 February 2019

In my hands

Both of the above books were very different for me, and if anyone had given me the story lines, I would have passed, but both were enjoyable reads, Peter James has written a series of books set in Brighton, with a police office called Roy Grace, I hugely enjoy those books, The Truth is very different. I also started reading The Child recommended by Jo, but realised I had already read it.
 Just the cuff to finish the sleeves, then I will use all the navy yarn I have to finish Will's jumper, I had hoped to be finished by now. But it will be done by the end of the week.
Better late than never
17 comments, Will pulled the name out of the dish,

Will decided to pull out a second name.
Carol and Pam please email me your addresses,

Sunday afternoon we walked to Portchester castle and along the waters edge, it was warm and sunny, and very busy. It was very enjoyable. We both need to walk more, and as the weather improves, we will make local walks most days. 
Today is another sunny day, Will is here so we will be in the garden soon, he is reading at the moment, he loves all books, but he also loves to be outside. 
Nothing much to do in the house or garden, no laundry or shopping needed, so a play day. 


  1. Play days are the best sort of days ... have s good time!

  2. Well done Will for selecting the lucky winners! The warm weather is so wonderful. John's just told me the temperature, somewhere in Wales, is 19.3C, can you imagine that for February?!! We have also been getting out for walks when I'm not working. Make the most of it. Best, Jane xx

  3. That's the problem when you read a lot, you start forgetting what you've read and what you haven't. I keep a list of all my books now so that I can check, my memory isn't what it was! Will's jumper shouldn't take you long to finish now, it looks great.

  4. I haven't read either of those books, I'll have to look out for them. Will's jumper is coming on lovely, nice blues.
    Congratulations to the winners :-)

  5. Enjoy your blog and hope it's okay that I have added it to the blog list on my blog! Easier for me to keep up with.



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