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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Sock yarn

Little boys and their cars, 
Will loves this huge fire engine, 
with 3 different sounds and flashing lights.
 Hubby's socks, he wanted some colour. I'm mixing 2 colours for hubbys socks, he did not want bright colours, and I did not want to knit just plain socks. I've not done any knitting to my jumper, I will finish the socks first.
 My 1st weaving is finished

I am pleased with my 1st weaving, on the whole it is neat, but on one side the edge is untidy, I have worked out the reason why, and will be able to fix it next time. I was able to join the yarn colours without them showing, I can only find two small spots where I missed a thread when weaving, so on the whole I am pleased, it feels soft, and after a wash it would be great to wear. I looked for yarn for threading the loom, but most come in 500 grms cones at £26 each, which is expensive as you only get 1 colour for that amount. I went on line and found more of the sock yarn I used, reduced to £6.89 for 100grmas, and got 6 colours, so I can do a few projects with my stash of sock yarn, and if I don't use it all, I can always knit a pair of socks. I will wait for these to arrive before my next project.
Pam the link for the neck down jumper is here, it's the most simple of patterns to follow and no sewing up.
I have renewed my car insurance this week and made huge savings, buying it for £1 less than I paid last year. Both hubby and I have finished our mobile phone contracts and changed to sim only at another huge saving, so a pleasing week all round.
It's another wet foggy morning here, and warmer, yesterday a few of the sign class ladies came here for a chat, we walked to the village for lunch, it was nice not to have to wear my huge winter coat. Today I am waiting for the boiler repair man to return, our boiler is leaking water, he came yesterday and ordered the part, he can't as yet give me a time when he will call, but he will be here today. When we moved in 9 years ago, we were told our boiler was not a great make, the saving grace for us was we were not using it to it's full capacity, having less radiators than a house, but it was suggested we sign up for a service plan. We have had few small issues, everything covered by our plan, so no extra cost today.


  1. Your weaving looks great!! I'm looking forward to seeing your next project. Good yarn isn't cheap, which is such a shame for crafters. I'm glad the Stylecraft stays at around £2 a ball. We've been with the same car insurer for 15 years and ours is always under £200, for both of us including no claims bonus protection, they're really good. Best, Jane x

  2. The scarf looks fabulous, well done Marlene. I often wondered how patterns like that were made!

  3. When my three boys were younger they always, seemed to play with their cars in the doorway,
    Your weaving looks wonderful

    Julie xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for the link Marlene, I am such a klutz did not realise you used that pattern. It is a dream to knit in Aran and I have been meaning to try the lighter version. I have the yarn, purchased about 4 years ago so no excuses.

  5. You would never guess the scarf is your first attempt, well done.
    Nice colours for hubby's new socks.
    Lots of concentration going with that young man and his fire engine.

  6. Hi hun, Have just found your blog. OMG! You should be very proud of yourself - your weaving is amazing!! Both hubs and I are on a sky deal for our phones at £6 per month. What car insurance are you with. *hugs* Goldensunflower.x

  7. I agree with Julie, you would never guess you were a beginner at weaving :-) A yarn hobby is not cheap, i think the days are gone when it was cheaper to make than buy.
    Looking forward to seeing your next make.

  8. What a fun picture! Your scarf is just lovely!



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