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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Nearly, not quite

How quickly it grows
 Issues with the fluffy yarn used as weft, the movement on the heddle bar is fluffing the yarn, and in a couple of places it has broken, even though it's a strong yarn.
 These will make a gap in the weaving.
Love the neatness
 Love the design with the patterned yarn. This took 2 hours to make.
Still knitting
Very little snow, now all gone
I have decided to stop the scarf I was making, the yarn is just too fluffy, it thins as it passes throught the heddle bar and then breaks. I would rather stop now and rethink, than do more and have to stop or not like it. I think I was getting ahead of myself, I will thread the loom with another stronger yarn, and start again, today I will pop to a local charity shop which sales craft items, they sell cones of thin yarn for using on a knitting machine, which should work on the loom. I will still use the same yarn for the weaving and make a scarf,  I am pleased with every aspect of the loom, it's fun, and the weaving was looking good.  Thank you for your comments, it's not really complicated, there are different stages, as with anything the first time is always slow and awkward
My jumper is such a simple knit, and very relaxing to do, all the joy comes from the design of the yarn colours. Will's jumper only just fitted him, he has grown in the past month, so I will have to make a much bigger size. His mum has a friend with a younger son, so the jumper will be used.
We did get snow, it wasn't much and did not last for long, my sister was due for the weekend from Somerset, but decided to stay at home, I don't blame her, not the morning for driving, so we have a quiet weekend here.
This morning we have no snow and bright blue sunny skies, shame is so blooming cold.


  1. Your scarf looks lovely, shame the yarn isn't working in the loom. Could there a type of yarn specially developed for weaving? It's always fun to learn a new craft, but it takes time to get it right. Very cold and frosty here. Best, Jane x

    1. You can use any yarn on the weaving, but requires a strong yarn on the weft, which is threaded onto the loom. The wool I used was strong but fluffy, and each time I moved the bar the yarn went a bit more fluffy, which in turn weaken the yarn.

  2. The snow here has melted but it is still very cold.

    Juoie xxxxxxx

  3. That is a really good start Marlene, it is a shame that you have to abandon it but it is good to make your mistakes early on in a project. Your fats progress makes me determined to have a loom before too much longer.

    1. It's very sddictive Pam, but loads of helpful video's on Yourtube. I got mine from Weft Blown, good price and very fast delivery.

  4. We got a little snow but it went quickly, it's been very cold but bright. Love the weaving, you must be very patient.

  5. I remember doing weaving at school and really enjoyed it. A pot holder on cardboard at primary and then a bag on a proper loom in Secondary school. I hope you get the right yarn.

  6. You've really done well with the loom, the scarf you started does look nice and soft.

  7. Your weaving is so incredibly beautiful. Congratulations on another new interest.



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