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Friday, 6 April 2018

Sunshine at last...

All my nasties sorted, a few re-potted, I love this shelf
 I replanted this little one into this lovely white pot
It's the old toilet brush holder from the bathroom
looks good
 4 seed trays, each with 15 plants in.
 More seedlings
 and more, plus my sweet peas growing in the tall pot
 I got this stand earlier in the year
I have french marigold seeds in the bottom
one lot I did a couple weeks ago did not come up.
 All the leftover seedlings I have popped into my raised garden
if they grow I will be happy, if not I have seedlings in the greenhouse
My herb garden is not very productive,
 so this plastic house is perfect placed here
these plants will harden off and be planted out this month. 
Yesterday was perfect, warm and sunny all day, I spent the whole day gardening, in the greenhouse and outside. I am pleased to have so many seedlings on the go, I will keep a close eye on them to ensure they thrive. I am still using plastic inserts for my seedling, I already had loads and will keep using them until they break, plus I am saving any plastic containers to use, these are handy for the plants I intend to pass on.
I also planted a few things in the garden, sorting a couple pots. I topped the raised garden with comport, we are getting some stones for behind the raised garden to stop the rats coming through, the bait from the traps have been taken, and we think they are not coming through so much, our cats have stopped sitting at the back of the garden watching for them.
I washed the outside of the greenhouse and my white table and chairs, they all will need to be done again, but it's nice to do some of the jobs about the garden.
My shed is cleared and sorted, so I can get inside, I did notice it will need repainting on the outside again, I never got around to painting on the inside.
Hubby cleaned the camper van inside and out, ready for our first trip later this month.
We have everything crossed this is the beginning of summer
Everything looks better in the sunshine


  1. It's lovely to see the sun once more and you have been very busy. It's sunny again today although there is was a bit of a chilly wind today when I took Max for his walk.

  2. It was a beautiful day yesterday, unfortunately I was at a funeral so I couldn't take advantage of it and it's back to being dull again today. It makes such a different when it's sunny, it really spurs you on to get all those outside jobs done.

  3. Everything does look better in the sunshine. Yesterday it was so easy to ignore the scruffy areas of my garden and just enjoy the beautiful flowers, and all the new growth. Exciting times.

  4. It is so lovely to potter around in the garden and greenhouse isn't it, I find it's the only time I am totally chilled.

  5. Lots of spring growth happening at yours ..I hope you get your rodent situation sorted..



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