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Thursday, 5 April 2018

In and out

This is sunshine in stitching
I am choosing my own colours, all very close to the design.
I am getting on with this, 
I prefer to knit in the evenings
I have marked where I have increased stitches, 
so I can match the second sleeve. 
The stitches around the fairisle section are a bit tighter than the stocking stitch, but I have slipped this sleeve on and it does not show. I found it tricky to do the colour change on the four needles, everything was a bit close together. The pattern is in English, but is different style from the normal patterns I use, the sleeve directions I found really confusing, so I jotted down all the different instructions so I could follow them, I'm not sure it is all done at the right place, but I have increased to the correct number of stitches, so it should all work out.
Tuesday hubby and I were in the garden all morning, it was great to be outside, above is snakeshead fritillary, I planted these last year, so I am very pleased to see them coming up, I did plant three lots, these are the best. The garden has had a good tidy, hubby uncovered the wooden table and chairs, he also cleaned the decking, I have put out my metal birds, I have a good collection, I can now get back into my shed, it's always full over the winter months. I have also replanted loads of seedlings, I am hoping for loads of colour in my summer garden, the greenhouse has worked well considering I have no heat in there.
Magnolia tree trying to catch up. 

I checked my wormery, and I have loads of healthy worms, I am pleased, we do have more peeling than the worms require, but I am hoping through the summer the worms breed and they will be able to eat all our waste.
Yesterday Will came to play, it was very wet outside, he spent all day playing inside in the warm, he is such a happy little boy.
Today is sunny and should be much warmer, after the wet night the ground will be too wet to plant anything, but I plan time in my greenhouse, I need to get all my geraniums out and undercover on the decking, which will free up space for seed trays, all flowers, I plan a full garden this summer. 


  1. I prefer to knit or crochet in the evening these days I need the daylight and my daylight lamp to be able to work on my cross stitch as I tend to use evenweave. I love snakehead fritillary they are so pretty. I had them at the last house and plan on planting more in the garden this year if it ever dries out its a bit of a quagmire at the moment with lots of standing water after all the snow and rain we've had in the past month.

  2. Fabulous progress on your craft projects. DH managed to get the lawn cut on Tuesday so the back garden looks a little tidied now. I'm hoping we can work on it some more at the weekend.

  3. Beautiful stitching Marlene, you must have so much patience. We're busy in the garden today, it's so lovely to have a whole dry and warm day.

  4. It's been lovely and sunny here today, beautiful blue skies, it makes a change. Your projects are coming along really well, you seem to make a lot of progress on them in no time at all.

    1. That's because I don't work any more and have a couple of hours in the afternoon if it is wet to do craft.

  5. Your jumper really has grown.



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