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Monday, 23 April 2018

Sunny garden

A newer view of our garden, 
Tulips ready to bust into flower
 Our Magnolia is looking good,
sadly fewer blooms this spring
 My Acer is looking it's best this year
 My Peony, loads of buds
I moved this last year, so I'm pleased it's doing well
 I had most of Sunday on my own, hubby was on a ride out with ex army friends, this will happen once a month, it was a perfect day for them, they visited Salisbury, which is not too far from here.
I had planned to use my sewing machine, but the sunny morning changed my mind, and I went into the garden. In truth I had very little to do, but I took my time and had an enjoyable morning. I have planted my 1st cucumber plant into the raised bed in the greenhouse, I also made a support for it. My lettuce is doing well, also in the raised bed, I can start cutting leaves this week. I still need to plant my tomato plants, my 50p plant is really healthy with flowers forming, it is a tumbling plant, I have a tall pot I will plant it in, and place it on a stand in the greenhouse, the 2nd plant will go outside. I do not have any compost, so they will be done later this week, I intend to pop to garden center on Wednesday. The lettuce seeds on the tea bags are growing, next time I will open the bags and empty the tea in the tray, when I watered the seeds they washed to the side of the tray, photo next time.
My fruit bushes/plants are all looking healthy, I have loads of new growth and flowers forming. I have already sprayed my gooseberries to stop saw flies, again last year they stripped my bushes, this year is the last chance, I know I said that last year, but my garden is so small, everything has to earn it's place.
Today I have Will, I love Mondays, we play together and have so much fun. We will pop to our local village shops.


  1. I had sawfly on my gooseberries too when I had my allotment, they strip the bush of their leaves in less than a day. Shame about the magnolia having fewer blooms than usual, the one at my mum and dad's is covered in flowers, absolutely beautiful.

  2. Your garden is looking good, your acer is further along than mine, shame there are fewer buds on the Magnolia this time, they are so pretty.
    Hope you enjoyed your time with Will today.

  3. My toms are really behind. I think I'm going to have to buy a couple and break off the stems and root in water to form plants to give me bigger plants. I must check our gooseberry.

  4. Your garden is looking very good, some lovely buds on the peony.

    All the best Jan

  5. Your acer is much more advanced that mine is.



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