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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

One finish and another almost there

Final stage of knitting
 This is better than I hoped
 Not fully followed the pattern, sorry for the fuzzy photo
Hubby is very happy with this new bag
 Red lining with a phone pocket
 Black sides and bottom, this is a bigger bag.
 Pleased to have enough fabric for match handles
I am knitting at every spare moment, I don't enjoy watching TV, neither does hubby, so often we spend an evening quietly together, he reads and I knit. I am really good at picking up the pattern for each row, so knitting so many repeats I find relaxing. The blue row marker on my work is the start/end of the row, this helps me to keep things neat. The design is not too tight, with having so many stitches I have room to allow the threads at the back to be correct. The decreasing rows are done in pattern, so again it was simple to follow.
In truth I have not picked up my cross stitch, but I have started reading a book, Bring me back by B A Paris, but the enjoyment from seeing my knitting grow, keeps me picking it up. I have 2 x 50gms of grey 4ply Alpaca wool which I will knit into a pair of socks, but nothing new will be started until I have finished this jumper.
Sunday was dull all morning, so I did all the housework, my floor steamer was not working too good, so hubby took it apart and descaled everything, we have ordered a new hard water filter. We also found online some plastic stretch pot covers, these are reusable and the hope is they will replace stretch and seal, we have a pack on order, another one use plastic removed from our home.
I enjoyed making the guards bag for hubby, it is much bigger, but with the lining it will take a full load.  I have other things cut out, just need another sewing moment (day).
Monday was Will's day, so at home all day, we did pop to the village and through the park, but as the children are at school, it was empty, but we did enjoy the sunshine.
Today I have sign language class, yes I remembered this week, later I am having my hair cut. I hope to have a bit of time in the garden, but I do have a sewing task, I am sizing a kingsize quilt cover down to a single size, for use in our camper van, another money saving job.


  1. I love that jumper, you really are clever. I resized s quilt cover rather than buy a new one for our spare bedroom years ago. I got two pillow slips and a cushion cover out of the remains.

  2. The jumper is lovely, I do envy people who can knit, I've never been able to manage it somehow. Hubby's bag is great, no wonder he's pleased with it.

  3. What a creative spell you are having. I like the bag with the added red and black- really makes the soldiers pop. I cut down all our bedding a couple of weeks ago from super king to king sized. One plain one was saved and made into two singles for motor home. It’s lovely when you get a project that you like-the jumper is really stunning.

  4. The jumper is coming on a treat, you'll have that finished in no time. I like how the bag has turned out, plenty big enough to fit in a good shop.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your jumper! I hope you will show us a photo of the whole thing once you have completed it.
    Love the guards bag too, do you follow a pattern for your bags?

    1. I have not pattern for the bags, I cut the front and back to the size I require, then cut the sides and back in one long strip, the lining is cut the same, it works for me.

  6. Wow. You are so talented! I must learn to knit.

  7. I love the jumper it reminds me of fair isle knitting. My knitting is at best amateur, I m always amazed when I see people knitting without looking.

  8. Your knitting is beautiful, how talented you are. I love the bag too with it’s smart soldiers xx



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