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Saturday, 14 April 2018

How many stitches

I now have both sleeves on the yoke and I am decreasing at 'raglan' 
 Quite simple to do, I have two central stitches I decrease either side, 4 times each decrease row, either side of the sleeve .
 There are almost 300 stitches on this circular needle, it's not too heavy.
I have found some time for stitching, I will finish the center next, this is really pretty, the shades of the colours I chose from my stash, they are quiet close the the design. 
Another tea towel cut ready for a bag
hubby was in the Welsh Guards, so he will be happy to carry this bag. The red panel with pocket is for the inside red lining, front and back are the guards men, the bottom and side I will use plain black fabric. 
I only used my sewing machine for mending this week, our dining room table still has loads of fabrics on, I have done some cutting out, I have spent most of my time knitting, I can't wait to start the colour fairisle work again, the saddest thing is once this is finished, I won't wear it until much later in the year.
We popped to Asda as our olive/butter spread was on special, I did say I would not purchase any more tea towels, but hubby did like this set, I did get a couple bits for the garden including a yellow clematis which is already planted.
Yesterday we went to Ikea with youngest daughter and Will, we don't go often, maybe once or twice a year, we required nothing big, I always get paper napkins, I love their funky designs, we passed the glasses and candles, not requiring any this time.  I got blankets, they were £1.75 each, I got four. I always cut each blanket into quarters and wrap around the cushion in the bottom of the cat basket. When they are dirty I never wash them, I don't want to clogg our machine up with cat hairs. Will and mummy came back to our house for the afternoon, loads of fun, these warmer days Will walks around the garden with me, I can't wait until I can leave the doors open and we can play outside.
Nothing planned for the weekend, it's already sunny and warm, so I'm off to water the greenhouse and potter outside.


  1. The end is in sight now for your jumper, it's a shame the weather is due to warm up as you'll be wanting to wear it. I like your new bag fabric, my brother was in the Coldstream Guards. We're due some lovely weather next week if the forecast is to be believed so perhaps playtime with Will will be in the garden.

  2. You inspired me to take out some tea towels I had been hoarding and I made a cup cake bag lined with some bright lime green sheeting. Inhave some others buried in the stash and now I’m on a roll, I’m going to keep sewing. Thanks for your i spiration.

  3. A sunny and warm weekend sounds lovely, Marlene. We had overcast skies yesterday so went sea glass hunting at the beach. Today, it's forecast to be 33C and hot ... and this is supposed to be Autumn! I like your knitting. I was trying to learn star stitch last night but think the needles I was using were too big for the yarn so am trying again today with smaller needle size. Meg:)

  4. Wow it looks amazing! Love all your makes. Will will love exploring this summer now he’s on his feet and mobile. What fun for you all.

  5. The jumper will be so cosy for the cooler days.
    Enjoy the sunshine, we had here today too.

  6. LOVE the makes! The bag is awesome!

  7. Beautiful work. That jumper is looking wonderful



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