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Monday, 2 April 2018

New start

Yes I have started some cross stitch
A lovely Mandala kit from here
I'm stitching on 28cwt, DMC Lugana, using 1 strand of silk.
I have finished the back and front of my jumper up to the armholes.
1st sleeve, I'm knitting on 4 pins which I have never done before, it was fiddly to start but much easier now I have some weight to hold the needles steady. 
 This is the point where the design starts, which is the part I enjoy most. 
We have not done much this weekend, bit too dull, cold and wet to get outside, I spent loads of time stitching on Saturday, watched a couple of films and had another pie and mash evening with hubby and brother. We popped to the COOK shop to purchase more pies, with a few extra now in the freezer. The shopping center at Locks Heath had a fruit and veg stall, which had good fresh firm produce, so we stocked up and fruit and veg, without any plastic bags.
Sunday we had a huge family Easter lunch, Will, mummy and daddy came for the day, another cold and grey day, but it did not rain, so I suppose we could call it a better weather day. After lunch Will walked to our local park, he loved playing there, we have a photo of all our younger grandsons in this crawl space.
 Look at me, on my own
Mummy and daddy having fun. 
Today, guess what it's pouring down again, but no snow, later hubby and I are popping to town, I have seen an arch for the garden, we want to replace our existing arch before the growing season starts.
Our fridge is full of leftovers, I am going to freeze some slices of pork (hubby does not like it), we each have another lamb roast dinner for today. Leftover lamb has been cut up ready for a Biryani in the week. We also have some chocolate left, we were both pleased to see a big Cadbury creme egg, purchased for my brother, had a cardboard inner holding the egg and the packaging contained no plastic, we were impressed.
Later I will craft, I have a small project for my sewing machine and then cross stitch, I am really enjoying stitching again.


  1. Enjoy your stitching......28 count .....I wouldn't be able to see the holes!

  2. Sounds complicated, I admire people like you, four needles!!! I'd be in a right mess.

  3. What a lovely bright and colourful design, I'm sure that will be an enjoyable project. I much prefer using dpns to circular needles, they can get in the way a bit at first but I find them much easier once you get in your stride. You're never too old to have a go on the play equipment.

  4. Love the bright colours on your new stitch, cheerful cpstitching to brighten up grey days. Wow you are speeding along with your knitting too. We had a lovely ti e with BIL and parents yesterday, an Easter quiz and Uno which was fun.

  5. Nice to see your stitching again, it's been a while!

  6. A bright and cheery cross stitch project for some spring stitching.
    Family having fun at the park - perfect holiday time together.

  7. Absolutely beautiful cross-stitch, what will you do with it when completed?

    1. It will probably go in my work box, I don't finish everything I make, my joy is in the stitching. Plus I often give away a finished piece.

  8. Your cross stitching looks so pretty. Cannot wait to see the jumper too.

    Julie xxxxx



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