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Sunday, 22 April 2018

First trip 2018

New Forest, Hampshire 
We saw loads of these
 Did a bit of this
 Some time on these
We have been away in our camper van, we returned to a campsite we visited last year, loads of other sites were closed to vans due to the wet ground, click on the link above if you want to see more. Both hubby and I commented on how much standing water there was everywhere. It will take a couple of weeks before the ground is back to normal, but on the flip side, everywhere was lush, so many shades of green and beautiful blossom.
I was pleased with our cycling, doing three and a half miles, ending at a tea room, lovely coffee and cake, and then back to the van, it was hot, but breezy, and whilst the hills going up were a chore, going down was just bliss. We stayed on the road whilst cycling, not wishing to get stuck or muddy trying off road, plus it is so easy to get lost and make your journey back far too long.
We are extremely lucky to be so close to the New Forest, it's a perfect place for a couple days break, plus being so big, we hope to go to different camp sites and see much more of the area.
Our van was completely dry, no over winter issues, everything worked, it is set up so all we require is our clothes and food. We take our own food, this time I just transferred some of the stuff from our house fridge to the small fridge in the van.
We are now planning a couple more short trips and then a week away in June, going further up country, we both would like to return to Lincoln, with the possibility of taking our small car as well, to get about once there.
Last night we had a few thunder storms, one at 8pm, a huge storm at 10pm and another in the early hours this morning, again heavy rainfall, our poor grounds will take ages to dry out. The middle storm was spectacular, we sat at our bedroom window watching, we had sheet lighting across the sky from the east, and in front of us over the hill there was fork lightening, which silhouetted the huge tree in the garden behind us.
This morning it's blue skies again, I will have to pop to the garden our lawn is pink with Magnolia petals. We are truly lucky our area does not flood, I hope if you had the storms you enjoyed their show and everything around you is alright.


  1. Your trip away sounds perfect, what a lovely way to do it. X

  2. It sounds like a lovely couple of days away. It's so easy now you've got the van to head off somewhere for a day or two, it's so nice to get away from it all. We've got rain forecast today and it's noticeably cooler with the temperature set to drop further still throughout the week.

  3. Glad you had a lovely few days away, the New Forest is beautiful isn't it. I do miss our caravan, it was so good being able to have a few days away at very short notice, and in a lovely home from home. Even going to a campsite not far from home made a lovely break. We had quite a bit of thunder last night, heavy shower but not enough to drown the garden, thankfully.

  4. It sounds blissful, no thunderstorms or rain on the coast. Warmer day today with a lovely warm breeze.

  5. Nice to see your photographs, and pleased to read you had a nice few days away ...
    Storms can be quite frightening.

    All the best Jan

  6. Wishing you lots more happy adventures to come this year (and some nice weather too)



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