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Saturday, 31 March 2018

March roundup

I spent more than I intended, 
I had no plans to purchase yarn or fabrics,
 and again gardening was higher.

Hubby was sent a discount for an online order from Sainsbugs, we decided to use it, we did not require a huge shop and knew it would not come to the required £80, but we checked their red wine prices and found a liked brand on special offer, plus if you purchased 6 bottles they gave you 25% off. So our £85.10 was reduced by £8.63 and another £12, giving us savings of over £20. Loads of the other items were also on offer. We are stocked up on red wine for the next few months.
We have done loads of shopping this week, I was in Asda with our daughter and got a huge piece of beef on special, hubby cut the joint in 2 and froze both bits. We also popped to the local Aldi, a new store which opened really close to our house, we went for a leg of lamb for Sunday lunch, but also got pork and gammon, both a great prices. Our freezer in the garage is now full of meat, we won't require a shop for weeks. We also got a great step for the camper van on special at £9.99, it will help me this summer as the step to the van is high and it can be used as a small table.
My steps are lower than I hoped at 6236 average per day this month, but with bugs at the start and last week, plus the terrible weather, it's not a bad figure, could have been much lower. I am feeling much better, and I've started on my smaller portions, hoping to keep the weight lost from the tummy bug.
I had two comments on my post to pass the book Jo sent me on, both names were put in the hat, and Linda from Linda's Looking in New Direction was picked, perfect timing as Linda has just finished her job. Linda can you please email me your address, early next week I will pop it into the post to you.


  1. Great idea to pass the book on. Good use of discount by combining other discounted goods, it's a win-win situation.

  2. We've got a new Lidl store opening near us next week so I'm hoping that we can start picking some bargains up from there, it's right by the side of Tesco so I can see lots of people popping in Lidl before they do their usual shop in Tesco.

  3. Like Jo, we have a new Lidl opening next door to Tesco soon.
    It's nice to get a bargain.
    Enjoy the red wine .... cheers!

  4. Lovely idea to pass a book along like this. I saw an idea for a little neighbourhood book swap in a magazine recently, where books are kept in a weatherproof box and people/children can "borrow" them. Meg:)



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