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Friday, 30 March 2018

Knitting and Planning

The lower design is done on my jumper
 I now have to knit up to my underarms
I love this shade of brown
 I am using my knitting bag, which I made here
I have to pack my knitting away, I don't trust my cat's.
I have fallen in love with this design 
  This is turning into my year of knitting. 
 I ordered enough wool for two different jumpers in different colours for Will
These are packed away for now as I want to finish my jumper first.
I think I will have some wool left over, as I don't intend to make the hat, the red in both jumpers is the same shade, so I hoping to make him a third scrap jumper. 
The lighter evenings make it perfect for knitting, I can knit whilst hubby reads a book, we do not watch too much TV, we feel there is so much rubbish on.
I have also found a simple cross stitch design, this is the longest break I have taken from my hobby, I did think about finishing one of my projects, but it might work better for me to do a new one. Over the past couple of years I have started a couple big projects not to finish them, one was suddenly no longer wanted, and I was making one for hubby with his Welsh Guards badge on, but he was not sure, so another project abandoned.
Tuesday we had our last normal sign language lesson, our tutor is on holiday for 4 weeks, we have two weeks off, the following two weeks we are meeting at another house, but I don't expect to learn much. But the month without lessons will help me to catch up.
Wednesday I spent the day with mummy and Will, we popped to town for lunch and a wander around some of the shops. A huge B&M has opened in Fareham, so we had a good look around, I did not purchase anything, but I did see a simple arch, bigger than the one in our garden and much nicer looking, next time hubby and I are in town we will look again to see if it would suit our gardens.
Thursday due to the rain hubby and I stayed inside most of the day, which meant knitting time.
Today, I will clean downstairs, it's not really dirty, but I will dust and steam clean the floors. My brother is due for the weekend, so we are planning loads of family time and a huge family Sunday lunch.
Please check out my previous post, I have a really good book to give away, I will sort on Sunday/Monday.


  1. You're knitting your jumper up quickly, you've really pushed on with that. I haven't done any cross stitch for ages now but the great thing with crafts is that they can be picked up and put down as the mood takes you. There's no point carrying on with something if you're not enjoying it. Have a lovely weekend with your brother.

  2. The jumper pattern and yarns is beautiful. It sounds like you are keeping really busy.

  3. Lovely pattern on your jumper, Marlene. I too have to pack my crochet away in a bag - Betty is fascinated by it.

  4. Loving your jumper. I bought yarn in January for a loose jacket for myself but I have such huge hacks in my hands that I can’t even cast on without snagging the yarn.

  5. Your jumper is growing well.
    Nice pattern you have chosen for Will's new jumper.
    Happy Easter



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