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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Catching up

I have sorted my pin cushions out, 
later I am going to require loads of pins for Will's quilt
 These fall into both my beautiful and useful thinking 
 Will eating sunshine slices for the first time, he loved them 
 This is the last week for our old £1 coins, I have a purse full of new coins, 
so I sorted our jar and swapped £6, 
we will use this jar in December for our Christmas shop. 
The jar above belongs to our youngest daughter Su, she is not keen on it, we have used it for years, it was brought back from a trip to Germany. The contents will be kept for our big Christmas shop, if you use the Tesco sorting machine, it prints a receipt, if you take cash there is a handling charge, but if you spend the receipt at the till, you get your full amount, which we expect to be near £100.
We have savings on nectar points, on both our Co-op cards, the Co-op cards have about £50 which will be used for our fresh produce, we will buy the week before Christmas.
 It's been a nothing few days here, the weather is dull and as the garden is up to date, I have spent my time doing other things.
Sunday evening, I sat and read, we did watch the results on Strictly, I was sorry to see Rev Richard go, but he really could not dance!
Monday, Su and Will came over, we went to our local library, they had baby rhyme time at 10am, in the afternoon we went to Garson's garden center, I don't go often as it's a modern style center, where they buy everything in, and give as much space to gifts for all the family. We did have a lovely lunch there. They had their Christmas stuff on show, Will loved the lights. I did get a couple stocking fillers and a few ornaments, but nothing for the tree.
Tuesday, I felt tired all day, I did babysit Will at 1pm for a couple of hours, he fell asleep as mummy left and woke up on her return, so I had a rest full afternoon.
Today when hubby gets home we will pop supermarket shopping, we don't need much, but enough to balance the trip out in the car.
I have ironing and sewing to do this week, I hope to pop to a couple more fabric shops, still looking for Christmas fabrics.


  1. I've got one of those savings tins which are completely sealed, you need a tin opener in order to get it open, and I know there's lots of old style £1 coins in there. I'm not bothering opening it just to get them out, I know the bank will still swap them into the new year. I was sad to see Rev.Richard go on Strictly too, I like having a not so good dancer in just for the entertainment value.

  2. The pound coins were counted and as we didn’t have 20 for a bank bag we had a naughty spend. I had a ladies day half price platinum car wash for £5. It felt really extravagant as we normally have a sponge and bucket. The rest went on Christmas stamps for Morrisons. Strictly is my Saturday night treat. I don’t know who I want to win really. Garden centre Christmas lights are always lovely for babies to look at. I love to see their little faces full of wonder:)

  3. He's a very sweet looking baby. Christmas will be magical this year with him. I'm starting to think about Christmas lists and gifts. I make most of them so need to be organised!

  4. Will is certainly a cute little guy. He is growing so fast. What a good idea taking him to the library. You just can't start s love of reading too young!!

  5. Rev Richard was such fun to watch, even though he wasn't very good at the dancing... wonder who will go this weekend?



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