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Friday, 9 June 2017

Seeds and pips

Kiwi plant on left
Pomegranate on right slightly in front
both sill on my desk 
 12 more Kiwi seedlings
these are in the greenhouse
 This Poinsettia was tiny at Christmas, 
put it in greenhouse in bigger pot, 
where as you can see it loved it, plenty of new growth
 Lemon tree, still tiny but growing
Tiny orange tree
My wormery is in it's final place
I am so happy to know I have 2 bags of worms living in their new home, ready for all the kitchen and some garden waste, I have read loads of items regarding the care of the worms, and the next couple of weeks are the toughest time for them. I have 3 trays, which should be enough for us, the top two trays are up side down on top of the lid, it will be a while before they will be required. The hope is now to have zero food waste from our kitchen, we are very good and do not waste meats or dairy, we have also stopped loads of plastic coming into the house, we won't be able to stop it all, but we can try our best. We do recycle everything we can, but again we have noticed the bin is never as full as it used to be.
Work has been interesting, as more people find out I am retiring and more comments are made. I am counting down the weeks, just 7 to go, I have loads of things I want to do and try. I have a few crafts I want to progress with, I should find time for my cross stitching as well as loads of reading time.
Thank you so much for your comments last time regarding the announcement of my forth coming retirement, the decision took a while, I really did not want to say I would give up and then have to got back to work later. We did loads of research to ensure I have paid in enough to get my state pension, when I am 66 years old. Hubby is very happy, he has wanted me to finish for months, knowing I was not enjoying going into the office. I am really looking forward to us spending time together, we share hobbies and enjoy each others company so very much.


  1. Lovely little trees, you have inspired me to plant the plum stones from yesterdays plum cake. I look forward to seeing all your crafty makes once you get all that time.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing how your wormery does.

  3. I loved seeing your propagation efforts. It's great to make new things from old, which seems to match the changes in your life as well. New changes from old ways. Retirement. Big step but I'm sure you'll take it in your stride. :)



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