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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Around the plot

We had to get some plastic covered canes for my huge tomato plants
it's not perfect, but for now they hold the plant up
These are as tall as me now.
 My cucumbers are both doing well, loads of tiny fruits growing
 Watching Monty on Gardners World, he spoke about leafy Allium plants a few weeks back, stating this was due to overcrowding. So I did as he did and cut into the roots and divided the plants, today I have 12 new flower heads popping through. With another plant in the garden gaining strength. 
My cuttings are becoming nice plants, 
soon I will be able to plants the Coleus in the garden 
 My Lilles have loads of buds
The marigolds are huge around the outside of the pot. 
 Finished this book last night
Slow start, but a good read
I am about to start reading Faith by Lesley Pearce, one of the girls in work is passing a few books she knows I am a fast reader and will finish them before I leave in just over six weeks.
The worms have stopped escaping their nice home, I added a bit of top soil, so the level is deep enough for them. We can't start feeding them yet.
I have decided to sort all the spare plastic pots which are stored beside my shed, firstly I don't use them so they will be taken to garden center for recycling. I will put a huge pot on it's side with the bottom missing, like a tunnel, so the hedgehogs can get through, we popped next door and checked behind their garden wall and the hedgehogs can get through to other gardens.
Hubby got two new bird feeders, they are huge, only the small birds can feed off them, the pigeons can't get near them which is good as they wasted all the seed out of the old feeders. Now we are getting so many different small birds.
Our potatoes were yummy, I have a couple potato bags, so I will grow plants again next year. We have strawberries and raspberries each day, putting the strawberries in the high long tubs have worked, the fruits are not touching the ground and the bugs are not eating them.


  1. Your tomatoes are way ahead of mine, the peppers are really slow as well.

  2. I've just harvested 2lb of strawberries from the community allotment plot this evening. We've had to buy new feeders to try and stop pigeon attacks, they make such a mess.
    Lots of lovely plants your garden has.

  3. Your garden is doing so well, we have no strawberries yet, but lots of flowers, same with the cucumbers. We're getting some good 'juice' from our worms though xx

  4. Looking good - Your cucs are way ahead of mine!

  5. Your tomato plants are looking really healthy, Marlene. I have only four strawberry plants in a tub on my verandah. I haven't been successful growing them in the ground here so container growing is a bit of an experiment. I hope they will fruit. Your cuttings are looking healthy, I managed to get one rose geranium cutting started and want to start many more as I have a brand new birdbath (that I was given by my lovely family for Mothers' Day) that I've put in an area where our son's sandpit used to be. I want to surround the birdbath with rose geraniums, the added bonus being I won't have to pay for new plants. Meg:)

  6. Your garden will be extra lovely this year!

  7. You're leaving in six weeks??? I hope that the process of moving on is going smoothly!!!! Jx



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