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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Good things....

.....happen to good people, 
my mum told me this all through out my growing up years, 
I am lucky our family have had loads to celebrate and enjoy over the years, with our perfect grandsons, including our latest Will. All our boys are wonderful, we don't see the older boys so much, through distance and them creating a busy life doing things they enjoy, but having the knowledge they are thriving and happy, catching up with them when we can. 
Life has not always been good, as with all families we have bad times, things we can't control, people do and say unexpected things, I have done things when I look back I do wish I could change. Money has been tight often as our children grew up.
Hubby and I have been looking at our life in many different ways, the biggest being I am still working whilst hubby is retired, we have been reevaluating every part of our lives for many years, building to what we think will be a better life in retirement, because once we get there we will have little or no chance to make many changes. 
When the government changed the pension age for woman to match men's at 65 (now 66), they really hurt many ladies. Our generation as many before us did as we were asked we saved, brought homes, we paid into pensions, most of all we paid taxes, lots of taxes. I can see our world has changed, and I understand as a country we are not as wealthy as before. BUT it still feels so very unfair!

Last week we made a huge discussion, and I informed my employer I intend to retire from work on 28th July 2017, this is two years earlier than planned, 4 years before I get any state pension, but in my mind (as loads will agree) 2 years later than expected. 
I really can't wait for 28th July to come.


  1. That's great news Marlene, roll on July!!

  2. Enjoy your well earned retirement.

  3. What good news for you. It will be brilliant

  4. That is not too far off at all! I know you are thrilled. Yes, you do have a wonderful family!

  5. that is wonderful and scary news for you. Good luck with your next adventure.

  6. Enjoy all your time happily. Waiting for the last result...

  7. Enjoy your retirement. I chose to do the same five years ago when my husband retired. I still have to wait for my pension too but, we are living a healthier less stressful life.

    Julie xxx

  8. Congratulations on your decision, you will manage wonderfully and think of all the fun you can have. My retirement date was just over a year after my 61st birthday and I worked for another year simply because I was not ready to give up. Halfway through that year I cut my working week to 3 days and that 6 months really helped me to ease into giving up.

  9. Good for you!
    I think asking women to work until they are 66 is too much.
    I only work mornings and only have a desk job but most mornings
    I don't want to be here, I've always been a home bird but more and
    more lately I think I've done enough, I want to spend time at home,
    enjoying it and the garden.

  10. That's so exciting and now you've made the decision I bet you can't wait for 28th July to come round.

  11. Great decision - widhjnv you lots of happy and relaxing times



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