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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Saturday at home

My 3rd dish made up this weekend
they were purchased for the stand
 Two new dishes on my lovely stand
the middle one will be changed soon. 
 Top shelf of my staging looking good
 Hubby choose and planted his front garden
 I have read cats don't like pine, part of the reason for these plants.
Just need bark to cover the soil. 
He did not want flowers here
I am sure in a previous post I said the garden was finished, so how did we spend 4 hours outside today.  I have moved one tomato plant out of my green house, I now have room to move about. The cucumbers are doing well, I have picked off a couple fruits, I had loads at the bottom of the plant all the same size. The tomatoes are doing well loads of fruit. I dug out the last two potato plants and we have a dish of new potatoes, they are a nice small size, which we prefer, I should have left them a bit longer, but I wanted the space in the raised garden.
This morning we had to rescue loads of worms, which were making a break from their new home, we need to check them each day until they have sorted themselves out, should be OK after a couple of weeks. I also woke up our lovely hedgehog, it's still hiding by my shed, once I noticed it I came away from him, I would not want to scare him, we love seeing hedgehogs in our garden.
I did get a pedicure and a manicure done this morning, it's like walking on air, as for the manicure as you can imagine after all the gardening my hands as as messy as normal. Now it's time to relax, read a book and enjoy another evening with hubby. 


  1. Doing my Saturday reading . . . CONGRATULATIONS on the retirement Date. I am SO HAPPY for you. AND, yes, once you decide you can't go back. But you won't want to.

    We don't have Hedgehogs in the US. But we do have bunnies and chipmunks in the neighborhood. We see the bunnies every once in a while.

    We put a bird feeder and a water bubbler out in the back yard. We also put a hummingbird feeder out. We have seen cardinals and our neighborhood sparrows feeding. One sparrow was checking out the bubbler. And we have had hummers coming by also. So, hopefully when we get our back deck finished (he started working on it Friday) we will see more.

  2. How lovely that you have a hedgehog!
    We have seen one once in our garden and i was hoping he would keep coming back. Although one of our cats spends ages just sitting and staring at the underside of the shed and now i'm wondering if we have one residing there? Wouldn't that be great!

  3. I like your pot stand, it makes a lovely display. They say the numbers of hedgehogs are decreasing but we see lots round here, especially when we take Archie for a walk last thing at night.

  4. Your planter looks lovely with the bowls in it. DH repotted our alpines to give them more space as they had outgrown their bowls.



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