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Friday, 16 June 2017

Walking around in circles

I am trying not to buy flowers for myself
But these peony flowers are a stunning colour 
 I am enjoying reading this book
it does help to have lovely warm evenings outside
 I am doing huge amounts of walking, I now walk three times a day
These are my steps as recorded on my Fitbit
Last seven days
Friday 9.27
Both hubby and I wear a fitbit to record our steps, we have had various methods of recording steps since 2009, we get lazy and stop wearing for a while, normally through the winter months. Then in spring we start again, I am loosing weight at a small steady rate, but this is about fitness and stamina. On working days I get to the office an hour before I start (to miss most of the traffic jams), I make good use of this time and walk for 40 minutes. I always walk for 30 minutes at lunch time, both these walks are done at a quick pace. Hubby and I like a small walk in the early evening together, loads of steps are added by pottering around the garden and house.
I am having today and Monday off work, so this morning I walked through our housing estate for my early morning walk, just over 3000 steps, I like to know how many steps a walk is worth, it helps me plan to achieve my total steps.
Once I retire we plan to change the lunch time walk for a cycle ride, we have some interesting places close enough to get to by bike. I am also hoping to join a daytime yoga class once a week. I don't plan to get old just because I am giving up work.
This is not a sponsored post, just my views.
How do you keep fit and active ?

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  1. Well done you for getting all those steps in. I'm afraid that i've gotten very lazy lately with any sort of exercise. I really must try harder to do something about fitting some walks into my day



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