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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Along with the sun

As I walked into our garden, this beauty open for the first time this year
My sister gave me 3 plants a few years ago
I only have 2 left, they are stunning
Summer is arriving in my flower garden
 I love to hear sounds in the garden, and not someone else's music
Hubby loves wind chimes and his gong, often there is a gentle breeze under the Magnolia tree. We always pack them away in the cooler windy months.
 We wake up each morning to bird song, 
often we hear the starlings squabbling over the feeders
We have loads of different birds visit through out the day 
We have nothing to do in the garden, we sat yesterday in the shade, making plans for later in the year, our small side cottage garden has never really been the riot of colour I hoped for. My Peony needs to be lifted and split, it's huge, I hope to get 3 plants out of it. Hubby is now taking more interest in the plants has stated he liked Hydrangeas, we both liked the smaller white flowers. So we plan to replant this garden, already there are 3 roses growing, which we will keep, I hope to have 2 Peony's to put back and a Hydrangea. 
Again this year we have loads of flies, both inside and outside, we use an American disinfectant Pinesol, which I spray all over the decking and fence. It does stop the flies, but it wears off quickly. As an extra bonus at the bottom of our garden the smell of cat pee is terrible, with 15+ cats living in a glass fronted summer house, they do have a run next to the building, so they are not trapped behind the glass. We are burning loads of citrus scented candles, so on these very hot days we sit inside and look out on our garden. The environmental department of our council are aware of the issues, I sent another email yesterday, just reminding them we are still suffering, but mad cat woman ignores any polite suggestions and is rude and will shout and swear at you if you point out any issues.
I have a huge sewing task this afternoon, I have to finish the 3 camper van cushions for the bed, it's not difficult just alot of material. Later hubby will be home from his motorbike ride, they met up in South Wales this morning, he spend last nigh at his sister house.


  1. I do feel sorry for those kitties and the cat lady as well. Your garden is very lovely as always. That sewing projects sounds like fun but a bit of work as well. Enjoy!

  2. Those poor cats... I hope that you've been able to work on your sewing project, despite the heat. Jx

  3. Oh your flowers make me jealous. Our orange tiger lillies are blooming . . and are they ever blooming. There is a clump behind our bedroom window and three or four clumps to the west of the house . . . they will be getting thinned out this year.

    The butterfly garden Gene planted has some blooms . . next year we expect growth and butterflies.

    However, the butterfly bush that was here when we moved in is growing exceptionally well so we will have some butterflies here :)

    I noticed a hummingbird one morning so I dug out our feeders and now we have hummer several times a day :)



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