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Monday, 26 June 2017

all sorts of everything

Sewing machine is out, this is the 3rd cushion almost finished
I love the fabric, very easy to work with, but it does fray.
I hope to have all 4 cushions finished by the weekend
 Hubby finally decided to sort his wardrobe, it's full of clothes from his working days. I have kept these 3 cotton shirts for Hexi's the rest have been taken to the charity shop.
 I hope to varnish my items made at our break in May, 
The last week it was way too hot to get things done.
 This corner by my water but is looking good
The Peony did not do so well this year, soon I will dig it up and make 3 plants. 
I love the bird feeder, which never worked, so I have put an alpine plant in there
 Lillies are looking good, some flowers are going over but still loads of buds. 
 Walnut sappling in my greenhouse
 Kiwi and pomegranate on my desk 
 Two books from a lady in work, 
I will start one later. 

A very mixed post this time, I have enjoyed using my sewing machine, the design on the fabric makes it very easy to match up. I don't have a pattern, I just cut the pieces and sew them back together again, I did not want to wrap the material around the foam, I wanted it to stay looking neat with the lines straight and the seams keep it all in place. The cushions are for a camper van for our neighbours.
I am hoping to do some more hand sewing of hexagons, I have loads stitched, I just need to sew more together.
The garden is still looking after itself, all I am doing at this time is watering and harvesting fruit and salad things. I am planning to redo the side garden as I stated in a previous post, plus my raise cut flower bed is not shaping up to what I wanted, so I will be sorting that, I have sown some Sweet William seeds for plants to over winter in the garden. 
With just under 5 weeks left of my working life, I am busy making leisure plans, I am tracking down the local gardening club, they help out alot in our local parks, which I think will be fun. I want to go back to doing yoga once a week.  I would also like to be a part of a craft club, but I don't think there is a local one. Once I have finished work I might test the water and see if I can start one. 

Last weeks steps = 80,568, average 11509 steps each day


  1. The garden's looking lovely Marlene, lots of healthy plants. Love that cushion fabric. It's exciting making plans isn't it?

  2. I need to get my sewing machine out and make some cushion covers for our living room. Hoping to do so soon.

  3. The cushions will be very pretty. I did not realize you were very close to retiring. I'm so surprised at how busy we keep! Your garden is looking great.

  4. The cushions look great. The garden looks wonderful. I think I will teach my grandchildren to grow things from seeds

    Julie xxxxx

  5. Enjoy the last five weeks of work. Jx

  6. 5 weeks will pass in no time. I thought I was doing well at 10,000 steps each day. Well done you. Garden looking great, as always.

  7. How lovely to have the sewing machine out and to be making things. I like the cushion fabric too! I have lost my crafting "mojo" a bit lately so have quite a few things in progress but seem to pick them up and put them down almost straight away. Just seem to want to be out n the garden at present. Enjoy your last five weeks of work, how lovely to have plans and much to look forward to in your home and garden. Meg:)

  8. It's so exciting planning for your retirement, especially as it's now so close. I know you have lots of hobbies so you won't get bored, in fact, once you get settled into a routine, you'll wonder how you ever found time for work.

  9. I'd love to see your hexagon project. I started one years back but never finished it. Paper pieced?

  10. Been thinking a lot about my sewing machine lately. I want to buy some seersucker and make some short nightgowns for next summer, All of mine are made from t-shirt material and I think these would be cooler.

    YOur garden is doing well :) Like the air plant in the bird feeder.

  11. Wow! How exciting for you to only have five weeks left of work! As you commented on my blog, now is the time in our life for fun! I agree. I don't use a pattern when I sew cushions or pillows either. Have fun gardening and I encourage you to get a couple of people together to craft. That's how my crochet therapy group started and I love it!!!
    Cindy Bee

  12. I found your Blog through another Blog that I follow. I am now a Follower of your Blog.

    I love all of your Photos....You do beautiful Sewing. Your Flowers are so very pretty.

    I have a Blog and here is the link:


    I hope that you will become a follower of my Blog

    Have A Lovely Day

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  13. You'll be surprised how many will say they were looking for a craft club if you start one...it happened here when my friends began theirs and now we have a good selection of crafters each week at the community centre.

  14. I do envy you that you are retiring, I wish I could xxx



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