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Friday, 24 March 2017

Sunny Friday

Our Magnolia tree with a lovely blue sky
the blossom is late this year, and the windy days are not helping
 More Snakeshead Fritallery, 
I have these in a few pots and under my Christmas tree. 
 Seeds coming to life in my green house
here French Marigolds, but I have others coming along
 Just two of my many pots, Tulips are next to flower
Latest photo of Will, he will be 5 weeks early tomorrow morning
No craft this time, I have done some stitching, but with the lovely light nights after work, most nights I pop into our garden and greenhouse. Plus we visit Will, Su and David often, Will has decided he can roll onto his side. For just 5 weeks old he is very aware of his surroundings and getting confident, I sure both my daughters were not as advanced at the same age, we are all loving the beautiful smiles we now receive.
I am loving the spring weather, today has been breezy, but our walk at lunch time was very pleasant, and most of my choices on what to wear are now much lighter clothes, soon the jumpers will be packed away.
I am happy each evening to walk around our little garden, loads of new growth, green leaves in clumps ready for the English Bluebells to form and flower, Tulips standing tall. My Peonie has loads of new growth, and the 2 plants I have from the big plant are both growing well. Fruit plants and bushes around the plot has loads of new leaves, promise of flowers and swelling fruits to come. Loads of seedling in the greenhouse, my hope is not to buy any plants this season. My Acer is showing loads of new growth in it's new pot, I have had to put a little fence around the pot, the cats found the fine gravel too good to leave alone.
So a happy start to the weekend, I have another book to read, promise of nice weather, and two days together.


  1. What a gorgeous happy baby.
    I love Magnolia, I have seen some lovely ones on my walk.
    My seeds have started to make an appearance as well.

  2. Oh, Will is so cute. I envy you your beautiful Magnolia tree, I wonder if I could get away with planting one on the seawall xxx

  3. Isn't Will adorable!

    Your magnolia is beautiful.

  4. Will is so cute. He has passed from the Newborn look into Happy Baby look :)

  5. Awww, what a happy little boy, he looks a very contented baby. The growing season's really getting going now, isn't it, I'm not growing much this year but I haven't started anything off yet, it'll soon be time though.

  6. Will certainly looks like he is thriving and doing well.
    Love the blue sky through the magnolia, well captured.



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