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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Cute and craft

1st official photo
They are all lovely and it's hard to say one is better than any other
I have a link to studio, if anyone is along south coast. 
 Yea stitching, this project will have large blocks of colour
so I am balancing the blocks with the dainty other stitching. 
 Amaryllis time, all 4 flowers on 2nd bud 
 My Hyacinth has loads of leafy growth
but no signs of flowers, I just can't grow these.
Tulips have gone funny, think they needed a different vase with side support
 A couple more books, I'm not a fan of crime, but her style is to my liking
As predicted this week is going fast, I had day out with hubby on Monday, we popped to a couple of out of town places, looking for items, not all of which we could find. I spent my company Christmas gift card on some new clothes, most of it in M&S sale. I did get a couple of small things for the garden, which have been added to my stash spend. I also got a nice pot, which I have planted up for my sister's birthday, she knows I have made it.
Yesterday, I took my daughter and Will on a small shopping trip, she had things to get, we had lunch out together, it was a lovely warm day.
We also on line found a perfect potting bench for my greenhouse and that's on it's way here. We will have to build it, but it's more useful than the one I was designing, hubby is only so good at DIY.
I should be out in the garden today, but it's cold and raining, I will get an hour in the greenhouse later, I want to sort a few more things and get everything ready for planting seeds.
I'm not sure if I will cross stitch later or get my sewing machine out, I have an idea for a shopping bag, which I would make for a lady in work.
We have moved our camper van to on our drive, we will now spend time sorting, me interior, hubby exterior, to get it looking nicer. We are planning our first trip soon, just an over night to test everything. We can't wait until the warmer weather is here, the freedom of having the van and weekends are calling.


  1. Oh you have had a lovely week! Lovely picture and the blooms are wonderful!

  2. Awww what a lovely photograph.
    Nice stitching.
    Enjoy sorting our the new camper van, such excitement doing that for you both.

  3. Sweet picture of your grandbaby
    The stitching looks interesting, what is it?

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Oh the picture is adorable. And the Amaryllis is so pretty. I've had some hyacinth that I forced to bloom and one of the purple ones refused to bloom. The rest were beautiful. I've had my sewing machine out lately. Would love to see your shopping bag idea.


  5. Awww, what a sweet photo, he's such a little darling. It sounds as though you're enjoying your week off, time always flies when you're having fun.

  6. What a lovely photo! He is adorable. The flower is pretty too.



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