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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Is this heaven

Our garden again is looking good
Every where is ready for spring and summer
Loads of new life around the plot
More of these beautiful flowers 
New growth on my Peonie, I love to see this plant each year. 
Hubby did some spending at the garden center. 
We did have the most perfect weekend, no time in town, and one small visit to the garden center, the rest of the time was in our garden, some of the time working and the rest of the time sat in the sunshine enjoying our little patch of heaven.
Hubby chose the new Clematis, which is a very different colour and shape than my choice, but it is a garden for both of us, the bird hanger is perfect for peanuts, the small birds have been visiting, and the pigeon are too big to feed there.
Each evening this week we have walked to our local park after work, I am now doing 8-9000 steps, which is pleasing, after tea, I pop to my greenhouse to ensure everything is watered and covered for the night temperatures, I open the window and door each morning. We have found a automatic window opener on internet, at a nice price, which is on it's way to us.
As the daylight fades, our tiny coloured lights set a beautiful glow along the fence in front of the greenhouse, with white lights on my Christmas tree, not too many, just enough to sparkle.
We popped into Sainsburys on Saturday just for a few things, our coffee was on special, at the till we were given a ticket for £18 off a £60 order for home delivery. We required a few things, got some more coffee and a few other items on special,  our order arrived as promised, we won't do another online, but the savings were too good to miss, so on a £65 order we saved an extra £15 off with  special prices and paid £47 a totals savings of £33. We are both feeling very pleased with ourselves.
Just cruising to the next weekend, we have Logan and Finn, with mummy and daddy visiting from Somerset, all to stay with us and meet baby Will. With no jobs inside or out, we are planning a fun filled weekend.


  1. Some really good savings on your shopping, no wonder you're pleased. I love your magnolia.

  2. Very good savings indeed, like yourselves we enjoy our time in the garden.

  3. Great savings, Marlene. It definitely pays to take advantage of these things when you can. Well done.

  4. Those were some good savings. Your garden is so lovely!

  5. Lovely photos of your garden

    Julie xxxx

  6. Your garden's looking lovely, it's nice to get the work done and out of the way so that you're able to sit in it and enjoy it. You got a good saving on your shopping, worth taking advantage of those offers whilst you can.

  7. Your garden is beautiful xxx



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