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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Coming together

The handles are on the bag, I have sewn the side and bottom panel in, so from the outside it looks good. I have to hand stitch the inner side and bottom panel, and tidy the top. These photo's look very pink, but the bag is red. 
 Plenty of room inside, I love you can see the handles on the inside, stitched to the front handles, making it a feature. The two pockets add the the pretty feel of the bag as well as being very useful.
 My sewing order came yesterday, these will last me for ages, I always get them on line and from the same company, I do have to pay a small postage amount, but I do not have anywhere local where I can get 28dpi, which is my preferred size. 
My potting bench came today, we were not expecting it until Thursday, delivered by DPD, who kept me up to date via email through the whole delivery day, great service. I don't think we will have time to build it before the weekend, I can't wait to get it into the greenhouse. I am also looking for staging, I have seen what I want, but I'm still looking to see if I can get it at a better price, it is so expensive, I don't want a cheap one and have to replace it again. 
Each evening this week, I pop to my green house to check my seeds, I had a pomegranate in October, I saved some of the fruit, I allowed them to dry out and have planted some in pots, one in greenhouse and the other on my desk, not sure if I can get them to grow, but fun trying. 
We have also started walking after work, the evenings are much lighter, and our local park is so pretty to walk through. 
I finished reading Dead Scared by Sharon Bolton, and have The house by Princes Park, Maureen Lee, loaned and recommended by a friend in work.
Nothing much doing just work and home, soon it will be Friday, we have visitors this weekend.  


  1. The bag looks lovely, I bet it's sturdy and long lasting. Hope your pomegranate seeds grow, even if they don't fruit hopefully they'll make a nice houseplant.

  2. Your bag is great, just the thing to take shopping with you now that you have to pay for carrier bags. I love the lighter evenings, even better when we have a bit of nice weather too like we're getting at the moment. I was in the garden yesterday evening and it was lovely.

  3. The bag is very nice and I love that it has pockets. I always line my hand made bags with pockets. I can't wait for the weather to warm up here so we can start walking and riding One time I grew a seed from a fruit that I got on vacation. It turned into a tree and just this year it is having problems. Good luck with your plants. I miss my potting shed that I had at our other house.


  4. Your bag look great! Nice new stash...shame there's nowhere local to buy stitching supplies....seems to be the same everywhere :(

  5. Lovely bag, nice gift for your work colleague

  6. The bag looks lovely. it's a nice size too. I do wish I could sew. X

  7. I love the colour of your bag, it's fabulous. A new potting bench, I get all excited when I get new things like that and can't wait to try them out, enjoy xxx



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