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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Seed, soil, Grow

We have sorted the decking this morning, 
and worked in the garden
 I used grit for the bottom of bird cages, much cheaper
has the look I wanted
Behind in sink, loads of mints
 I have been sowing, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet peppers and a couple lots of flowers
 Lovely new tool for weeding
 Bottom of the fridge soup for lunch
 Later this will become a bag
We spent the morning in the garden, we have not had the sunny weather promised, it's been dull all day, but dry. I have cut things back and weeded the side flower bed. A couple of years ago I was give two plants with lovely pink flowers, the second year they were huge and I dug them out, each spring I dig out loads of these plants which regrow, when I asked Win if she wanted a plant, she declined, I wish I had, the new tool I used was brilliant, I could dig out roots whilst not disturbing any of my growing bulbs, I love it when a horrible task is made easier.
I am pleased with my Acer, it has the right look, the grit from our local pet shop is light enough whilst not being completely white, and the cats should not like the gritty bits, so they should keep off.
I am pleased with the seeds I have started, I have sorted my stash and thrown loads away, I don't have room to grow much else other than salad items, so why keep all the others.
Watched Gardeners World last night, I do like to see what Monty and the others are doing. I also listen to his jobs for the weekend, my Clematis and Rose bushes are now much neater.
Hubby made the bottom of the fridge soup, and it was lovely, with another two bowls for the freezer. I am going to cut the fabric out this afternoon, and my plan is to sew tomorrow, the weather we are expecting is rain all day.
Shaping up to be a good weekend, daughter informed us baby Will, who is 21 days old, slept from midnight to 7am this morning, mum and dad were shocked and pleased to be able to catch up with their sleep.
Later we are thinking we have earn't a Chinese takeaway for tea.


  1. That looks like a very productive day, you deserve the Chinese. I too have been sowing and preparing raised beds, but now my back is killing me! Xxx

  2. Your garden looks great Marlene. I like to watch Monty's list of what to do over the weekend. It reminds me to do things that I might otherwise forget or do at the wrong time. I didn't realise it was back on. I'll have to watch it on catch up. I too have been in the garden today, so if there's anything I need to do it might have to wait until next week now. Like you we've got rain forecast for tomorrow. Enjoy your Chinese. Why not?

  3. I really do love the style of your garden, enjoy your well earn't chinese.

  4. Aww 21 days old already. Your fabric looks good and the garden too. My garden is massively neglected and I have cat issues in the front now grrrr
    I'm on it though with holly and rose twigs. Hopefully that should encourage it to go sh*t in someone else's garden!!



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