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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Spring colour

Hellibour Lenton Rose, 
 every year I see these blooms on other blogs
This year I got one for our garden
 I will plant it later in the week
Snakeshead Fritallery are growing in my bowl
 Sunday morning we changed our sitting room to our summer layout
a bit early but we both love to look out into our garden from our chairs
 Hubby brought me home flowers
I'm off this week so they brighten the room. 
This year is much the same as every year, I am itching to get in the garden and grow things, but March is a difficult month, many times we have had snow, so I wait, I have some seeds to start, which should do well in my greenhouse. Hubby and I were looking this afternoon at wood to make my potting bench, I know what I would like, in terms of height and a lower shelf. We have measured the space in the green house and hope to built it later this week. Once the potting bench is in place I will have loads more space, the center of my greenhouse is filled with over wintering plants, which I will be able to move around. I want to get salad seeds into my raised bed, the hope is to extend my growing season, Plus I have cucumber, tomato, herbs and sweet pepper seeds to get going.  Having this week off is going to get my gardening ahead.
I am still looking for white sand for my Acer pot, it was too expensive in the aquarium center, I will try a few other places, I have seen it on line so I do have a back up plan.


  1. Hellabores are lovely we have three two pink and a white.

  2. What a beautiful flower. I've been meaning to get some work done in our garden too, but the recent cold and damp has put me off.
    I love how you arrange your chairs so you can easily see outside. Hopefully the better weather will be with us very soon. X

  3. Beautiful hellebore, I always think they look so elegant at this time of year in amongst the daffodils, crocus and snowdrops.
    Enjoy your week off, I hope the weather is nice so you can play outside.

  4. That is a really lovely flower. I too am itching to get started with sowing, but holding back from doing it too early xxx

  5. Enjoy your week off, I hope the weather is good so you can get in the garden.
    I've had a little potter about on the couple of occasions the weather has been good in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to being able to do more too.



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