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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Pottering about

My potting bench is in the greenhouse, and already in use, it has everything I need, lower shelf, storage drawers, and the top small shelf. I am really pleased with it. Some of my seeds are showing, so it's a pleasing view in here. 
 Loads of new growth every where, 
I am really happy with the progress on my fruit bushes, 
below blackcurrant, strawberries and raspberries.
 I have always loved this view, I still have a couple of plants, which I will put in the bucket, and move them around until I can find a permanent place, hubby has already put holes close to the bottom of the bucket for drainage. 
 This photo sums up today, really dull, our Magnolia tree is a bit later this year,
 but we are waiting for these buds to bloom. 
 I planted this bowl for my table last September,
 I love Snakeshead Fritallery, such perfect little flowers. 
It's been a busy weekend, my sister and her partner are now driving home, we have had loads of fun. Leanna loved shopping in Chichester on Saturday, there are such a good mix of different shops, plus it's an interesting place to be. They got to meet Will and had loads of cuddles also on Saturday. This morning we all popped to Lidl's for shopping, we came out happy, so many items for £59.00, including another 4 bottles of wine.
I have been in the garden this morning, it was nice to have my sister working with me for a while.
My sister loved the pot I created for her birthday, which now I can show you.
We have loads of plants coming back in the garden, my outside tulips are in bud, soon every where will be full of colour. I am unhappy with the rose arch I put in last year, the roses are woody at the bottom and loads of new growth on the top, so I have decided to cut it back to the base and start again, allowing it to grow on only one side, I will get another climber for the other side, at the same time I am going to add a couple more small shrubs in front in the hope they will grow and hide the bottom of the rose, that's a job for next Saturday.
I have done more stitching, the red bag is almost done, and the cardi is done, I will show photo's next time, I have not had much time for crafting and reading over the weekend, but having family to visit is always fun.


  1. Your potting bench is lovely. I have staging in my greenhouse, which is useful, but it would be nice to have somewhere to actually work, not that my greenhouse is really big enough being just 4x6. Glad you had a nice time with your family and it will have been extra special this time introducing them to Will.

  2. Your greenhouse looks like it's working hard for you, lovely potting bench xx

  3. I love a bit of pottering I have been doing it bit of that myself today.

  4. I ave my potting bench set up in the poly tunnel now I dont have a greenhouse, your garden and pots are looking lovely and manicured :-)

  5. It is a lovely potting bench, they are so much easier to work at. Your sister's pot is fab, bet she loved receiving it xxx

  6. Your greenhouse looks a hive of activity with lots of lovely things to look forward to growing and harvesting in coming months.
    Great gift the pot was.

  7. I didn't realize your greenhouse was so big . . . what a great place to putter around in !



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