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Thursday, 1 September 2016

In the garden

The strawberry tubs are done, 
these plants are now a good height off the ground, 
the raspberries behind have been thinned and moved about.
 I have moved my cacti tower pots to the back of the garden
They look good here, I always love this view
 Loads of peppers on these two plants
 A sneaky purchase, I love these flowers. 
 Another good book, I enjoyed it very much. 
I came in under on my spend for August, another good month
The garden is still looking good, I was pleased to get the few jobs done on Monday afternoon, most of the time all I need to do is dead head and enjoy all our hard work.


  1. I have snakes head fritillaries in my garden, I love them but unfortunately so do the lily beetles so do watch out for them, blooming pests they are. Your garden's looking lovely.

  2. That view down your yard is very pretty. Everything is looking nice.

  3. I am noticing changes in the garden now, summer is slowly disappearing.

  4. I'm hoping to buy some bulbs this weekend or rather hoping more for the time to plant them. Both might be put off until next weekend. Well dome for your August spends x

  5. Yes its all slowly winding down I have been clearing around strawberries, peppers are looking good :-)

  6. Oooooooh! I just commented on today's post about picking some bulbs up but I too bought two packed of those snakeskin flowers!!



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