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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

This and that

I have shown this before,
it's a real shock to compare to what we really do eat.
Ali over at Less equals more has done her post on the subject. 
Like so many others we have been looking at our relationship with food, what we eat, where we get it from and of course how much we eat. One of the main things I have done is to use a smaller plate, my mum would call this a breakfast plate, as you can see it's a bit smaller than our normal plates.  I try and keep my portions to the center of the plate.
  I enjoyed all three books, Cake Shop in the Garden being the best one here. 
Still doing very little sewing, I have another project forming.
We have followed loads of sport from Rio, the cycling being both our favorites, followed by the diving and gymnastics, it's a proud time to see so many medals being won. I have watched TV most evenings in the past couple of weeks, we were really late to bed last night, watching the last cycle race, with it's 3rd start, then a quick switch over to see the last dives. 
Last week we booked our holiday, just over four weeks now, and I'm on a mission to lose a few pounds of flab, so we have cut carbs to a minimum, it is hard when every day there are cakes, biscuits in the office, I sit very close to our tuck shop, and at 11.30 each day the sandwich lady comes in with lovely cakes. I still walk each lunch time, but will all the sport on TV, we don't do enough after our evening meal. That will change once the Olympics are over, hubby has serviced my bike, so we can start local riding, we have a few lovely places to visit along our water edge. 
I have started using weights to help my upper body strength, now I no longer have to take the cancer drugs, I feel I want to try and gain strength. 
I don't get the exercise in our garden, every thing is looking good and does not require any hard work, it's time now to enjoy all the previous hard work.


  1. I eat off a smaller plate never knew it was called a breakfast plate, you learn something new every day :-)

  2. One of my downfalls is portion size but using a smaller plate is a really good tip. If you're trying to cut down on carbs, I can recommend Jan's blog:- http://thelowcarbdiabetic.blogspot.co.uk/ There's some great recipes on there and even though I don't eat a low carb diet, I still make a fair few of them or tweak them a little.

  3. Eating right and exercise takes a lot of time and effort. We have joined a senior exercise class at our Y. The teacher really gives us a big work out!

  4. We use smaller plates here although Mike will build a mountain on his!

  5. Hello Marlene. That is great info you shared about the portion sizes. I need to remember it and put it to use. The Olympics are fascinating to watch but I've been so disappointed in the coverage we get here in the US. There are so many sports and worldwide athletes who have medals and we never got to see them. I wish you lots of fun on your upcoming holiday. Pat xx

  6. I attending healthy eating training a couple of weeks ago for work and it is so easy to go way over the portions we should be eating.......having just eaten a plate full of pasta myself.!! When I look at my parents old dinner sets my modern ones are twice the size. I love your basket on the last post.



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