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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Just the begining

Just laid these out to see what I had
I will make some more next weekend
 These are one from each of most of my fabrics
I wanted to check they were OK for this type of sewing
The striped fabric hexagons are not so easy to stitch.
Most of you will know what the back looks like, but I have been asked, 
so I picked three of the best to show. 
The paper hexagon stays in until they have all been sewn together
The corners are very important, they have to be neat so they all fit together. 
The red ring is done, just doing the white panel
so a boring couple of weeks stitching
I have been informed my parcel from France will be delivered tomorrow, so another stitching project to start, I am excited with doing the Christmas tree it is just so pretty. Hubby has changed his mind regarding the cushion he wants me to make, he now wants different wording, so I am waiting for him to find the design, and fingers crossed there won't be the need to get loads of other different colour thread, I had thought I had purchased all I needed.
My new job is going well, it's not hard work, just lots of it, learning their systems will also help, every thing is very logical and practical, so right up my street. The past couple of nights finishing at 5pm has been a bit of a wake up for me, but I am getting to grips with the new start and finish times, on the other hand it's nice not to have to get up at 6am any more. My journey each way is longer, I now use the motorway, but lucky for me I go the opposite way to every one else, so whilst the other side is full of cars, my side is not so busy. On the plus side, it is still light at 5pm so I am not driving home in the dark.
This week I have not walked after work, been a bit tired, we are popping out in a moment, I need to walk to the bank, so we will go the long way through the park.


  1. Thanks for showing the backs X it's really drawing out in the evening now. I love it!

  2. Pretty hexies. I do love hexy quilts. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

  3. Your hexagons are looking good! I've been thinking about getting my hexagon patchwork out again - there must be something in the air! Glad your new job is going well.
    Cathy x

  4. Love, love those hexagons. I know that you are excited about your package arriving. Can't wait to see you start on it.

  5. Those fabrics look wonderful together - this is going to be a fantastic project.

  6. How do you sew them together if the cardboard stays in until they are sewn? I thought the carboard was used to get the sharp creases to make the folding easier.

  7. Your hexagons look great! Have a nice walk!

  8. The hexagons look great, I look forward to seeing you progress which this project. I love how the nights are getting lighter now, just another month and the clocks will be going forward.

  9. Hexi patchwork is something I have never tried, yours looks lovely.

  10. Love the hexagons. I've just started my first one to :)

  11. Love the fabrics and would love to try patchwork myself. Glad your new job is going okay and you'll get used to the later finishing and drive home.



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