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Sunday, 21 February 2016

In other news

Not the best photo's
 But stitching is coming along nicely 
I stitched a small amount  most evenings when Logan was in bed. 
I have been naughty, been shopping on the internet
I had to order a pack with pattern and fabric, a tea towel, which I will not stitch on, I have loads of different shades of pale fabric here to choose from, I also will have to order the DMC threads, but I should have most of them already. It is coming from France so it will take a while, but it has already been dispatched.  
I went with youngest daughter for her wedding dress fitting, the dress fitted perfectly, just a bit long, it needs all five layers to be shortened by a couple of inches, it is being done at the shop, I could do it, but there are a couple of chiffon layers, so I am happy for them to do it. The wedding is just six weeks away.
Su looked stunning her smile was beautiful, I would love to show you, but she would do something awful to me if I did.
Hubby and I went into town looking for my outfit, but nothing jumped out at me, I am hoping the spring lines will be here soon and I can choose something with loads of colour. I did go to Sainsbury's to get some trousers for work, they are a style I like and at £14 a pair, they won't break the bank, plus this week they have had 25% off clothing, so they cost £10.50 each.
I have not started anything new in my 52 list for 2016, but still ongoing with lots of things, I did not walk as much as in previous weeks, it's hard to take Logan too far, so in fact I have put a few pounds on in the last week.
But I have sowed seeds for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers a bit later than others, but my little green houses do not have heat, so I can't bring them along to early. Hubby is complaining about the gardening stuff in our office, but I am managing to keep it all on my side.  I am enjoying being in my shed again. Counting down the days until the real fun begins again in the garden.


  1. Oh roll on Christmas - I love the tree. It's blowing a gale here so no gardening for us this weekend.

  2. That new Christmas Tree pattern is so pretty. Makes Christmas seem right around the corner . . . so glad it isn't.

  3. The stitching is really coming along. How exciting going for a dress fitting, the wedding will be here before you know it.

  4. I looked in Sainsbury for a skirt for work. All my work skirts come from Gok there. He seems to have gone mini length now which won't do for a frump like me.

  5. Your stitching project is looking good. Plus the shopping is great. I will be looking forward to seeing the wedding photos when it is the right time! How exciting!

  6. That tree is so pretty! It's finally getting lighter so happenings in the garden will happen soon!

  7. Love the Christmas tree pattern - so pretty and delicate. Bet you can't wait to get started on that when it arrives. Well done on still watching your pennies. We are following suit although just had a big purchase on a computer (necessity) but we think about everything else now and whether we really need things or not.



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