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Monday, 8 February 2016

Batten down the hatches

Storm Imogen arrived yesterday evening, no one got much sleep the winds were howling all night, it was not so bad this morning going to work and again coming home but the winds are getting stronger again. Every thing in the garden is good, the fences are still standing, both small green houses are Ok.
We had very heavy rain through out the night, loads of standing water this morning and the local creek was very high.  It's warm and snug inside.
I re potted these plants, 
they are much bigger and love this sunny warm spot. 
Spent time on this, at some point I am going to get fed up with 
red, white and black
It's needed for June so plenty of time
I'm sat in my PJ's, we have just come back from a blustery walk through the park, not many dog walkers tonight, another day where I have done 6000 steps, I'm on track to up my steps to 7000 at the end of the month. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning, I had lost weight last week, so other than any hiccup over the weekend I hope to be a bit lighter than I was last week. Our plans are coming together, we are not on a diet, we are cutting back portion sizes, eating only betweem 8am and 6pm, which I am not finding a problem. My trousers felt loose today, it's a good sign. I do have a fancy for chocolate, but I am ignoring it.
I read a book yesterday afternoon, it's a great way to spend Sunday afternoon, often hubby want's to go out, but curled up in a chair with a hot mug of blackberry and elder-flower tea, is bliss.
Lunch was fun, oldest daughter was in a bit of a mood with me, I had a double moan at her when she 1st arrived, but if she behaves like a 16 year old (at 36) then I will treat her like a 16 year old.


  1. I would love to keep some cuttings inside but the window here apart from the kitchen one don't have any ledges x

  2. We have had the wind & rain but no storm as of yet. I have no doubt my window ledges will contain little plants soon x

  3. Hope your walking keeps going well for you. Imogen certainly has been very blowy hasn't she! xx

  4. We have had those high wind nights. Always wake up hoping that no tree has blown down into something important. SO far, so good.

    Your plants and stitching are looking good.

  5. Been awfully windy here today. Good luck on the walking.

  6. Love the cross-stitching.
    I had meals like that with my mum, till one day........ Ermm not telling here what happened but she stopped moaning at me at the age of forty!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. It must be in the air! My DD drove me a bit crazy yesterday! And she is closing on 40!

  8. The storm just about passed us by up here and the last couple of days have been quite sunny, though rather cold. I think you're losing weight the sensible way, diets rarely work, it's got to be a lifestyle change. I must get my act together and do something similar.



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