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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday shopping

The girls were snug this morning
 We popped to town and then a quick fly through Sainsbury's
A few yellow sticker items, these cost just £5.20 for both
iPad cover and wallet. Josh loves Star Wars
 Two of these for £15.00
Logan and Sam love Lego
 These £3.69 each
All of the above are now in our new this year, present box
SIL will love the shed, youngest son the other book.
Our kids grew up learning to read with ladybird books. 
 On the down side, why does ink cost so much
£28.50 for black and 3 colours for my new printer
I walked to a nice haberdashery for some ribbon, I was good just got the ribbon and came away, hubby was watching all the time, but I am sticking with my not spend just because theme.
A new spice shop has opened in town, we did have a look and prices are much cheaper, plus they have loads of new to us stuff. We purchased a couple of items, we will go back with a list rather than buying loads of stuff we might not use. On the plus now when hubby see's a new recipe with different ingredients, he has some where to shop.
We also popped back to the local reclaim yard we visited last March when we purchased a pair of lovely chimneys as seen here. I wanted a tall round chimney, but all he had this time was this square pot. I have a corner in my back garden where nothing grows. this is going to be perfect.
 I have worn this bracelet for over 15 years, I love it.
Last November a link broke and it cost £40 to repair. I was warned the links might start going because of the age, there are over 50 links. Another broke this week, and I  decided it was not worth the risk of having it repaired as soon the repair cost would be much higher than the value of the bracelet.  Hubby has repaired it with a round link, giving me a little more time, I won't be able to do this again as anywhere else would stand out. 

I have just had cheese on toast for lunch, it was yummy, with Worcester sauce, I love simple food, soon I will pop to my shed and put my plants in bigger pots.
Tomorrow we are having a family roast dinner, just six of us, it will be nice to all be together.


  1. i love family altogether days too. It's cold and very wet here, good to see those kitties nice and snug. Some good bargains there, I love the ladybird books, I received a couple for Christmas, they're very funny xx

  2. I have a present box. It spreads the cost throughout the year, as well as allowing me to take advantage of bargains when I see them.

  3. Ive been shopping today and 'only' bought 12 balls of wool. In the sale. Hmmmm!!!

  4. Ink is SO HIGH here also. We have tried the places that will refill the cartridges but they never seem to work so we always end up paying for a refill and then having to buy new ones anyway :(

  5. The boys will love the things you bought. I'm trying to be like you and really think before buying! I say to myself,"Do I really need that?"

  6. The kitty girls do look snug as bugs! Good job on the shopping.

  7. What a lovely post and seeing those ladybird books ...bought back memories of those we had when the children were learning to read.

    Sounds as if you had a great day

    All the best Jan

  8. Those books are so funny..I love them..make ideal small gift presents. Shame about the bracelet but at least it has been truly loved and used..maybe scrap value may contribute towards a replacement? Hope dinner catch up is lovely.



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