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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Around the house

My baby plug plants are now a decent size
soon they will be too big for this propagator 
Coleus are all doing well
These will bring loads of colour to the garden this summer  
 Our posh photo from Saturday night.
I love my dress, I have worn it many times
Proud parents of our grown up couple
I had a lovely lunch with an ex workmate, Ann, I would love to work together again. Ann took the afternoon off, so we wondered around shops, neither purchased anything, but it was nice to have a look. Later over coffee we exchanged gossip and put the world right.  It rained most of the afternoon, it was fore caste, but after a few sunny dry days it was not too bad, plus the rain brought slightly higher temperatures. Hubby and Logan had some boy time, baking scones for tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to another evening in with hubby tonight, nothing planned except some stitching, hopefully another night without TV which is an ongoing item on my 52 things to do list.
Tomorrow is going to be exciting, my daughter and I are going to her final wedding dress fitting, April 9th is getting close, I really must get my outfit, I did have a look today, but we hope to go shopping soon, Chichester has some independent shops where I hope to find something different.


  1. What a lovely photo, you must all be getting excited about the wedding now, not long to go.

  2. What a glamorous photograph X your plan s look so healthy. My house plants are all dying off!

  3. What a lovely photo! This must be a very exciting time for all of you.

  4. Glad you had a nice time with your friend. I hope that the dress fitting and all the plans running up to the wedding go well! xx

  5. Your plants are beautiful as is your photo. Now, besides you and Kev . . who is who?



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