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Friday, 26 February 2016

Sunny drive home

My parcel has arrived,
I won't be using the fabric sent it is a high for me DPI
But I will be starting it soon
 Today I finished at 4 and was home by 4.30pm
The garden called
 My spring pots are breaking into flower
 Scattered around our plot, so much promise
 My dish from last year
looking good after the cold weather
this has been outside with just a cover on.
 Inside, tomatoes and cucumbers all doing well
my Fuchsias are all growing well, they should be great plants for the summer.  
The garden is looking good, so much promise, just waiting there. Our Magnolia tree is now behind, we have almost no buds which are not damaged by the cold weather, we will have to wait and see if the flowers form this spring, it has never missed a year. My greenhouses still have the tender plants in, I won't bring them out until late April.
I have done most of the white stripe on Sheffield cushion and will now start the red stripe on the left, each stripe is 40 rows deep, so loads of easy stitching. I have not done any more the my hexagons, I hope to cut some more out this weekend.
It's been a lovely warm day along the South Coast, I managed to find a 15 minute walk at lunch time, and enjoyed myself. My daily steps have dropped, the building I now work in is much smaller and I no longer have to walk up two sets of stairs. I have also promised to again walk after tea each evening, hubby will walk with me, so I have no excuse.
My first week at the new job has been pleasing, I have learnt the first level of the role, it won't be hard work, just ensuring the details are correct.
We are off out for a meal later, Christmas present from youngest daughter, so let the weekend begin.


  1. It's been a sunny day here and I've finally decided to really get going with the garden so I was out weeding early on. I can only do about half an hour at one go but I was pleased with my progress. Your pots are looking wonderfully colourful. Spring is just around the corner.

  2. Lovely colourful pots. I'm hoping to get into the garden this weekend, hopefully it will be as sunny as the rest of the week.

  3. I do like your new design. It will be fun to stitch. Your pots are looking just great! So have a wonderful week-end! By the way, my DH and I walk together and it is a very good incentive.

  4. Ooo a free meal out, always tastes sweeter! What did you have? I've not stitched a single stitch this week yet - rectified hopefully today. I might start en evening stroll, just round the block, this week. I need to do more steps!

  5. I love this time of year when the garden starts bursting in to colour again with all the spring bulbs making a show. You're early with your tomatoes, I usually wait a while before sowing them as they always tend to grow leggy and weak if I start them too soon. I've decided to cut down on the varieties I'm growing this year, I usually have lots of different ones but I'm going to stick to one variety of salad tomato and one variety of cherry tomato this year.

  6. All of your plants are looking good.

    We were at our bank the other day and I noticed their bulbs had, what looked like, 2 - 3 inches of green stem above the ground . . . a great promise that spring is just around the corner.

    I haven't taken the time to really look over the porch railing to see if our bulbs have started producing any stems. We have had such an odd winter. It seems like we have only had a couple of "pockets" of really cold/snowy weather. We have had cold days, but not the deep temps we normally get. So I'll bet all of our bulbs will be blooming early.



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