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Saturday, 14 November 2015

So it's raining

We did expect the heavy rain this morning
Not been out in the garden after work this week
stitching instead
Filling in the center blocks, I'm just past half way,
But it's being packed away for a few days
Yesterday after work, we went to our local IKEA store, it's not too far away, youngest daughter was after a couple of cheap coffee tables, we have not been for over a year, we needed nothing, but got a couple kitchen items, for once we did not require any glasses.
We got up early (for me) this morning to try and do a few garden jobs before the rain came, but it started raining as soon as we were up, so things will have to wait until tomorrow, I do need to get my pots done. We also cover our wooden garden furniture over the winter months, but we would like a couple of dry days so we don't cover wet wood. Both Purdy and Grace are in their baskets all warm and dry.
So today is back up plan, I want to get all the wedding invitations done and ready for posting, which means the office is going to be covered in glitter so no housework this morning.
Later we want to pop to Tesco, we drink fresh coffee, and our brand we use is expensive, so we thought we would try and save money and purchased a few different packs of cheaper coffee, we have both had enough and will buy our normal brand, cheap coffee is a saving too much.
Today we want to see Josh back from his week on the farm, he loved the whole stay, so we are hoping to hear all his fun.
Again we hear more shocking news, this time from Paris, terrorist attack on six locations, 120 have been killed. Our world can be a wonderful place, people can achieve so many great things, I am going to focus on those thoughts rather than the worst side of humanity, so few people can harm so many and cause so much fear. Will the terror never end.


  1. Its been a wet day here, although not as wet as those to the north of us, some areas can expect 10 inches, I do hope there is no vast flooding like we have had in previous years and everyone stays safe, I do like Ikea for bits an bobs, not having one near me I look through there web site and a friend picks bits up for me, she passes them on to Martin to bring back, he is a good courier :-)

  2. It's terrible news from Paris, I can't see an end to all this mindless violence. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. You're stitching is fabulous, do you know what you're going to make it in to?

  3. I agree with you. I truly believe that there are lots more good people in the world than bad!! The cross stitch is beautiful. We have had lots of rain too, constant for 2 days!

  4. Even in times if sortie and tragedy as these, We have to keep focused on the positive or the mindless few will be winning.
    Super stitching.
    Hope your grandson didn't snaffle a farm animal into his backpack to bring home!



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